Kate Chen


23.10.2018   - 03.11.2018

A participant in SomoS’ current group exhibition Un_Becoming, Kate Chen (DE) is a multimedia artist whose creative work is rooted in corporeal and theoretical experiments with space.

Recently re-located from New York to Berlin, Kate Chen’s practice incorporates media of drawing, installations, performance, and film through analog and digital processes. With a background in architecture, she has a keen interest in the body-politics of architecture as a tool of delineating boundaries and bodies, and the implications of technology on temporal and spatial perception.

Currently, Chen’s research focuses on Donna Haraway’s post-humanist concept of the “cyborg” as a synthesis of dualisms — human/ machine, male/female, natural/artificial — to critically reconstruct an understanding of being. The extension of body with prosthetics, such as the iPhone, becomes an expansion of one’s consciousness of space, time, and corporeality.

Chen developed and maintains the online Cyborg – Archive, an ongoing architectural research and design project. She envisions the archive as a space of visibility and collectivity for women, minority, and queer artists – those perceived as other – who have historically and systemically been excluded from art institutions, and policy-making. The archive originated as an architecture thesis project in November, 2017 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

Kate Chen’s video installation Offline Venus: Memories and Myths of a Cyborg is currently presented in Un_Becoming. Offline Venus examines the spatial and corporeal implications of technology on desire, body, and (non)human identities. The film reflects Haraway’s concept of the “cyborg” as transcending dualisms: human/machine, male/female, natural/artificial, rejecting binary constructs of gender, sexuality, and race, embodying an identity which is fragmented, multiple, “other,” fluid, and transforming.