Korean Art Student Residency Exchange Program

Changwon National University Students, Korea AIR

01.01.2018   - 28.02.2018

Early 2018, SomoS Art House Berlin hosted the “Art Berlin Now” academic Korean Residency Exchange Program, which took place within its existing Artist-in-Residency structure. The program was a cooperation between the Art Berlin Now Program of Keum Art Projects (Berlin), SomoS, and Changwon National University, Changwon, South Korea.

January 2018, SomoS welcomed young Korean student artists from Changwon National University, Kang Dasom (sculpture and painting) and Cho Hyun Soo (painting), followed by Seung Joon Choi in February.

The small group of Korean students came to Berlin to work at SomoS Art House, acquaint themselves with the creative Berlin city, and conclude their stay with a public presentation of their work.

Public Presentations:

January 25 2018, 6-9pm:
Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo
painting and sculpture

February 27 2018, 6-9pm:
Seung Joon Choi


Kang Dasom Changwon University (sculpture and painting)

Smart Pet 7, ceramics, 14,5 x 11,5 x 22cm, 2017

Kang Dasom, born 1994 works in painting and sculpture. The theme of her work is the desire for the dignity of life. In her view, technocratic modern life has resulted in the loss of humanity, and a neglect of the value of life. Kang Dasom became especially interested in animal abuse and phone/net dependency as motifs for her work.

Cho Hyun Soo Changwon University (painting)

bamboo painting
Cho Hyun Soo, Bamboo Painting #04, ink, copper foil on Korean paper, 2017

Born Korea 1994; Cho Hyun Soo uses themes from the rich Korean “Four Gracious Plants” painting tradition (especially concentrating on the symbolism of bamboo) innovating it with a contemporary sensitivity, collaging in unusual materials, such as metallic foils.

Seung-Joon Choi – Changwon University (painting)

Seung-Joon Choi, Parasol, oil on canvas, 112,5×112,5cm, 2016

Born 1985 in Korea, Seung-Joon Choi works in oil on canvas.
2011 – BFA in Painting, Changwon National University, Changwon
2017 – MFA in Painting, Changwon National University, Changwon
Since 2015 Seung-Joon Choi had solo exhibitions in Space Gachang, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu; CWNU Museum JoHyunWook Art Hall Changwon; and at SPACE1326, Changwon.

About Changwon National University:

Changwon National University is located in the industrial city Changwon, in the southeast of South Korea. The university’s graduate schools are divided into schools of education, administration, management, business and information, and labor. Undergraduate offerings are divided between colleges of humanities, social science, natural science, engineering, and art.

About Keum Art Projects:

Keum Art Projects is platform for innovative curatorial contemporary design- and art projects from Korea and Germany. The focus lies on intercultural dialog between both countries, which is furthered through exhibitions and publications. With its Art Berlin Now Program, Keum Art Projects supports sustained cultural exchange by organizing collaborations between artists, museums, galleries and enterprises.