Kreuzberg Underground Comic Showcase

Hosted by Christopher Sperandio

20.12.2018 2pm  - 9pm

Thursday, December 20th, 2018, SomoS Resident Artist Christopher Sperandio hosts a day filled with artist talks, comics, and a comics making workshop. Indulge in comic sales and find the perfect last minute holiday gift. The event is permeable, inviting guests to weave in and out of the space, coming and going as they please to attend to their interests. The Showcase combines European and American artists, showcasing new works, and discussing old styles in new ways. The participating artists are FuFu Frauenwahl, Lilli Loge, Karla Paloma, Dirk Verschure and Christopher Sperandio.

Participating Artists

FuFu Frauenwahl

FuFu Frauenwahl has been working as a freelance illustrator for more than 15 years. His drawings have appeared in countless games, books, videos and stage productions. His personal work mostly revolves around the surreal episodic dream comics about the detective Ray Murphy and his assistant Molluskhead. FuFu is currently collecting these stories in the mini-series UNWELT. On this occasion he will give an introduction into his comic universe and a preview of his upcoming second issue.

Lilli Loge

Lilli Loge self-publishes experimental comics and queer-feminist versions of Tijuana Bibles (a mixture between satire and erotic, popular in 1920s – 1940s USA). She will talk about the phenomenon of the Tijuana Bibles in general and will show some of her work, including her latest Tijuana Bible “The Muse” which is a feminist take on the idea of the muse and a homage to Max Ernst.

Karla Paloma

Karla Paloma was born in Denmark, 1983. She is a self-taught artist living and working in Berlin for the past 10 years. She mainly focuses her work on illustration, comics and self-published zines.

Dirk Verschure

Dirk Verschure, animator by trade and a cartoonist by choice, was born in the Netherlands but has been a Berlin resident for the last ten years. He is the creator behind the popular bunny cartoons from Dirk’s Big Bunny Blog and editor of the underground comix zine “Kutlul.” His own self-published books include “Life Is Fun”, “Life How It’s Supposed To Be,” “Little Piggie,” as well as his current series “Shit and Death.”

Christopher Sperandio

Christopher Sperandio is involved in a lot of different things artistically, sometimes they look like comics. Most feature a public component, in the form of open calls, canvassing, or workshops. Commissioning institutions include: MoMA/PS1, the Public Art Fund, Creative Time and London’s Institute of Contemporary Art. His new project, “Pinko Joe,” uses the Situationist technique of Detournment on scale never before attempted in a graphic novel. Sperandio is an Associate Professor of Art at Rice University in Houston, TX, and a SomoS Artist-in-Residence for December 2018.

2PM – Doors open – Book sale

5PM – Christopher Sperandio – Détournement comics workshop

6PM – Fufu Frauenwahl – Comic Unveiling

6:45PM – Lilli Loge – Tijuana Bibles Discussion

7:30PM – Dirk Verschure – Artist Talk

8:15PM – Karla Paloma – Comic Reading

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