Lan Hungh

Rule 34


Performance artist Lan Hungh works in a variety of media; performance, video, music and installation, through which he demonstrates a passion for psychology and the physical, and the way language and actions influence them. Hungh often places himself and his works in an architectural and environmental context, while exploring eroticism and the body politic in his conceptualizing of art.

Lan Hungh was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He studied at the University of Art in Taiwan and the National Conservatory in France, and is currently working as an artist and curator in Berlin.

Hungh works as curator of MPA-B (Month of performance Art Berlin) and is the main founder of APA-B (Association of Performance Art in Berlin), and acts as art director of Stattberlin Gallery. His publications include a poetry audio book of Chinese contemporary compositions “”Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe” (2009), RPLCMNT by Savvy Contemporary (2010), catalogue “Parenthesisspaceparenthesis” edition 0 and 1 (2012 and 2013).

2013 Lan Hungh presented a new mixed media/live performance piece “cogito ergo sum,” which he especially developed for the Rule 34 exhibition, supported by SomoS. The transgressive work explores as much the reactions of the audience, as well as the performer’s actions.


Lan Hungh
Born in Taipei, Taiwan.


2013 Tempting Failure, The Island, Bristol
2013 OlO BiAnCo – Performancefestival, Wissenschaftshafen, Magdeburg
2013 30 Jahre Ex’n’Pop, Ex’n’Pop, Berlin
2014 Männer in Garagen Gründergaragenhof Himmelsbach, Berlin
2013 SURVIVAL – International Performance Festival
2014 BLO Atelier, Berlin
2013 Männer in Garagen, Gründergaragenhof Himmelsbach, Berlin
2013 “Vom Anhalten des Verschwindens”, Lamsprige, Germany
2013 Particle Collision 4, Banja Luka, Berlin
2013 Group Work at Performmerstammtisch, MPA-B, Berlin
2013 Don’t call me Mao, call me Miau-Miau, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
2013 “Foreplay” Agora Collective, Berlin
2013 Dossier N°zero, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
2013 “Rule 34 Exhibition” at SomoS, Berlin
2013 “Hier gibt’s harte Kost”, von Ibrahim Quraishi, houseclub @ Hebbel am Ufer
2013 “ricegreen opens”, stattberlin, Berlin
2013 Kunstverein Familie Montez: “Wurzeln Weit Mehr Aufmerksamkeit Widmen” SHIFT, Berlin
2013 Ich wünsche, China…” Serendipity Gallery, Berlin
2013 “Element Grey”, with Stefan Hauberg and SSMIDD, hinterconti, Hamburg
2013 “The Last Myself” performance, Diego Agulló and Juan Perno’s project. Agora, Berlin
2013 Relay Replay: Performative Feedback, AGORA, Berlin
2013 “My performances always fail”, Performer Stammtisch@Neu Hoch, Berlin
2013 Performance Evening – Hermann Heisig and Lan Hungh, Agora, Berlin
2013 A3 à toi! instant42, Taipei
2013 Voyeur 3.0, at EXPO, Berlin

2011 The biggest Queer Riot at the end of the world, WYSIWYG, Berlin
2011 Co Lab Edition 10 with JELILI ATIKU, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
2011 Go West Festival, Günes Theater, Frankfurt
2011 Kunst braucht Fläche – Bernauer Straße 50, Berlin
2011 Displacing Time – PAErsche, Maschinenhaus Essen, Germany
2011 The Waiting Room, Kunstfabrik, Berlin
2011 PERFO! Telakalla Tampere, finland
2011 Perf12, 8th international Performance festival, Pori, Finland
2011 “Cat-Walk” in “Kunst-Kunst”, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
2011 “Space Ape” in ESCAPE performance Festival, Café Stadler, Berlin
2011 “Research of something new in performance”, Alternativer Kunstverein ACUD e.V, Berlin
2011 ANTLITZ II at Semmer-Berlin, Berlin
2011 KÜNSTLER SALON MURID BOSH „Für Hunde in der Zentralgrube“. KUNSTHALLE M3, Berlin
2011 “ZYKLUS III „FENSTER POST HOMINIDER SCHRITTE” Atelier Langhans, Pfullendorf; Germany
2011 Let’s Burn 3D, dual show with SSMIDD, stattberlin, Berlin
2011 jeunes créateurs “voyageurs obstinés”, Pontault-Combault, France

2010 “Aufhängen und Abhängen”, Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
2010 “Artist as Found Object”, Live Art Review at “Liebig12”, Berlin
2010 “Jerusalem Show 2011”, Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem
2010 “Blauverschiebung No4”- Internationales Performance Festival Leipzig, Kammerspiele Leipzig, Germany
2010 “Parcours d’artistes”, Les Passerelles, Pontaut-Combault, France
2010 “Robur II”: Temporäre Ausstellung für zeitgenössische Kunst, Zittau, Germany
2010 “FITAX1500 in Berlin”, Grimmuseum, Berlin
2010 “Super Mario Seedbed” at Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin
2010 “Urlaub in Berlin” at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin
2010 “Nomadic Settler; Settled Nomad” group show at Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin
2010 “Human Microphone KARAOKE” 48 Hours Neuköln, AGW, Berlin
2010 “Peep Show” Tape Modern, Berlin
2010 “Infr’action Venezia 2011″, Venice, Italy
2010 Site specific” performance at Zukunftsvisionen 2011, Goerlitz, Germany
2010 “Cut Piece” Shan Zhai’ed Yoko Ono’s performance, My Performance, Schillerpalais, Berlin
2010 “Hunger” at International Performance Festival “Hunger”, Markthalle IX, Berlin
2010 “6 invisible things” for powers of Art, ALEX TV Studios, Berlin
2010 water installation in group show “black stars on a white sky”, another vacant space, Berlin
2010 “Mirror performance” WEEKENDHAUS #6 with Irene Pascual, IDOLONSTUDIO, Berlin
2010 PHOTO #10 group exhibition, Kantine, Berlin
2010 EROTIC ATTIC PARTY- Arty Party, AA-Atelier Attico, Berlin
2010 Frühlingserwachen Kunst und Kulturfestival im Kiez, Chi Chu, Berlin
2010 Based In Berlin, “R (X) G. O”Performance collaboration with Ssmidd, Marcus Philippe
2010 “Moby Dick” at “Metrospective” Group show, PROGRAM e.V, Berlin
2010 Collaboration with Diego Agulló, Transmediale, DAS Weekend, die Frühperle, Berlin
2010 “PIXELATE ME”, Transmediale Festival, AquabitArt, Berlin
2010 Reset Me” Group show, Auquabit Art, Berlin
2010 “Screder performance” at “But what about the noise of crumpling paper…”, at Artport, Berlin
2010 “Cat-walk” presented at “Warehouse Is A Warhouse Is A Warehouse”, ZMF – Zur Möbelfabrik, Berlin
2010 “Demolished Sofa” presented at “Derdiedas Ausstellung?”, AA Atelier Attico, Berlin
2010 performance collaboration with Ying-Mei Duan, Grimmuseum, Berlin
2010 “Touch Me vol. II- LAN Hungh” solo show at Aquabit Art, Berlin
2010 Festival “arte es acción = acción es producción” Madrid
2010 “Democratic performance” at Ola Lewin’s of Biennale POZNAN, PL, via Skype
2010 “Half Lucky Cat” presented at Touch Me” Group show, Aquabit Art, Berlin
2010 “Zero Blank Eye Candy” present “on the face of dimension”, The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead,UK
2010 “Wie es Euch gefällt”, +auction, Aquabit Art, Berlin
2010 “Vacuum-cat” at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
2010 “Out of Control” curated by Ssmidd, MMX Oepn Art Venue, Berlin
2010 “Atomino Art Festival”, Textilmuseum Crimmitschau, Germany
2010 RPLCMNT with Darri Laurenzen, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
2010 Festival “Home Sweet Home”, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin
2010 “Step toward Home” exhibition, EAST/WEST Project, DAM STUHLTRAGER Gallery, Berlin
2010 “Catwalk type II” at “Childhood Re-Creation” of Alina Kopytsa, Galerie Ratskeller Lichtenberg, Berlin
2010 “Help! I have to do performance!” at “LIKE” of “48-Stunden-Neukölln”, Schillerpalais, Berlin
2010 “I can write your name in bad Chinese” presented on PG Lab, Berlin
2010 “Yoga Meditation” presented at A.J.A.R. Projekt Galerie, Berlin
2010 “Step toward Home”, EAST/WEST Project, DAM STUHLTRAGER Gallery, Berlin
2010 “free internet LAN” presented at Festival “Check Bounds”, Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin
2010 “Catwalk type II” presented at “R.E.D. Festival” at Old Brewery, Landsberger 54, Friedrichshain, Berlin
2010 “trilogy performances” at “grenzART 1, Oberland Performance Art Festival”, Kirschau, Germany
2010 “Was gibt dir Halt in dieser schnellen Welt?“ present at “schweifen und bleiben” aquabitArt galerie, Berlin
2010 “Diverse Universe International Performance Art”, A.J.A.R. Projekt Galerie, Berlin
2010 “FUCKING KUNST”, Galerie Friedrichschöhe, Berlin
2010 Whitehole Karate presented at “GLOW II”, Z-Bar, Berlin
2010 “Enter your name, rpg” presenter at Flutgraben, organised by Performer Stammtisch, Berlin
2010 “PLOT IN SITU” Festival of Live Art, ACUD theater, Berlin
2010 WHITE SNUFF of Museum Man, Ackerkeller, Berlin
2010 “Zebra Barbie” presented at Sunday Extraordinaire, .HBC Berlin
2010 “Workshop with God” presented at KNOT Soli-events, SCHNARUP THUMBY, Berlin
2010 “Underconstruction” photo series presented at KNOT Soli-events, Vetomat, Berlin
2010 sculpture “dear” presented at “#6 sculpture”, Kantine, Berlin
2010 “100 waves” presented at “GLOW”, Z-Bar, Berlin

2009 Berlin Art Show, present “Performance Manual for Audience”, Kindl-Brewery, Berlin
2009 Organic white, Aquabit Gallery, Berlin
2009 Democratic forrest, die Frühperle, Berlin
2009 sword performance, at alazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2009 sword performance, at ScalaMata Gallery, Venice, Italy
2009 video “Money Cat” prensented at NY BIENNALE ART, New York
2009 “Home is where the head hangs” Center of Contemporary Art Ortnau, Sasbachwalden, Germany
2009 “A SPIRES EMBERS-Гнездо альбатроса” group show, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 Prizmatic Surveyor two person show with Stéphen Ribbon, Mirror Space, Berlin
2009 Musicman” at WELTEMPFAENGER, Berlin
2009 “terMsofblur” of Museum Man, Kastanienallee 19, Berlin
2009 “Lies” at the exhibition “Signal Through the Flames”, PHB Friedschoehe Gallery, Berlin
2009 “Signals through the flames”, PHB Friedschoehe Gallery, Berlin
2009 “SHOULD THE WORLD BREAK IN” group show, Ludmila Bereznitska and Partner Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2009 in “Particle Collision” exhibition, present “songs from the second floor”. Galerie der Künste, Berlin
2009 “Détournement Venise 2009”,53th Venice Biennale Collateral Events, Venice, Italy
2009 “#4 Plastic” group show, Aqua Carré Kantine, Berlin
2009 “#3 Ego” present “…. me”, Aqua Carré Kantine, Berlin
2009 “Knot” International Performance Festival, present “keep in balance”. Georg von Rauch-Haus, Berlin
2009 “Reliquaries of Empires Dust” present “demolished couch”, Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
2009 “interzone” group show at Wolstenholme Project, Liverpool, UK
2009 “Untitled Star Performance”, collaboration with Dovrat ana Meron at .HBC, Berlin
2009 [nomad / gomad], present “don’t let me out” at Aqua-Carré, Berlin
2009 “Demolition”, present “demolished couch” at .HBC, Berlin
2009 “Flowmarkt” performance at .HBC, Berlin

2008 “I’m Horny, Elton John, and…” 3 days performance, .HBC, Berlin
2008 “21,59×27,94 Lettre à Bernard”, group show, Gallery “Miss China Beauty”, Paris
2008 “Drawing” action at .HBC Kollektiv, Berlin
2008 “Please do not disturbed” performance, .CHB kollektiv, Berlin
2008 “TAMAGOTCHI” one week performance project, .BHC kollektiv, Berlin
2008 “Mallet Forest” performance for “La Nuit Blanche” with Liang Ya-hui, Coopérative, Paris
2008 “Écart de la poésie”and “La Montagne Tourbillonnante”, La maison du culture du Monde, Paris
2008 “Let’s Burn” two person exhibition with Stephana Schmidt, Gallery-33, Berlin
2008 Video installation for concert of Daniel Champolini, National concert hall, Taipei
2008 Video installation for Asia Pacific Quartet’s concert, National concert hall, Taipei
2008 Installation for Chamber Music Works of Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Zhongshan Hall, Taipei
2008 “Drum and String” performance, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2008 “White hole” two person exhibition with Tsai Showzoo, Chambord, Taipei
2008 “SOLOS” installation for solo percussion concert of Wu-shisan, National Taipei University of Arts, Taipei

2007 “Let The Children Use It” group exhibition, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
2007 “Mixed” Group exhibition, Gallery “Miss China Lunch Box”, Paris
2007 Tease Art Fair (with Gallery-33), group exhibition, Cologne, Germany
2007 “Untitled portraits, Untitled ocean” performance project of Isak Immanuel, Yuko Kaseki and Luigi Coppola, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2007 “L’amour ne peut pas” Collaboration performance with Liang Ya-hui, Amu, Lunch Box, Paris
2007 “Dance with me”, solo performance at Tease Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
2007 Untitled Collaboration performance, Asian art museum, Nice, France
2007 Untitled Collaboration performance for Toyota, Doha, Qadar

2006 Straw to Gold, personal exhibition, Gallery-33, Berlin
2006 “Anonymous Drawings”, group exhibition, Gallery Blütenweiß, Berlin
2006 “Sirens” solo performance, Gallery-33, Berlin
2006 “Masque II” Solo performance with live music, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo
2006 “Masque I” Collaboration performance, Art-U Room Gallery, Tokyo
2006 “Mon petit Poisson” Collaboration performance with Yu-Jun Ye, Miss China Lunch Box, Paris

2005 “INTIMACY”, group exhibition, Gallery “Campbell Works”, London
2005 “La nuit noisy” collaboration performance, la Rue Française, Paris
2005 “Man/ Women/ Chinese Opera” collaboration performance, Miss China Lunch Box, Paris
2005 “Noyau II” Solo (accompaniment: National Taipei Orchestra), Zhongshan Hall, Taipei
2005 “Chu-Go-Hua-Shen” collaboration performance, Dog-Pig art Café, Kao-hsung, Taiwan
2005 “Area” Duet (accompaniment: National Symphony Orchestra) , National Taiwan Concert Hall, Taipei
2005 “Chinese Noise Action” collaboration performance, Palais de Tokio, Paris
2004 “Blue” personal photo projection, Glaz’art, Paris
2004 “Art’ech” Group exhibition, Paris
2004 “Memmoto”, virtual Exhibition, “”

2011 “Nomadic Mashrooms” won the prize of the most vote from public at the exhibition “parcours d’artistes”, Les Passerelles, Pontault-Combault, France
2009 „Was gibt dir Halt in dieser schnellen Welt?“ Vereinbarung über eine Videoproduktion im Rahmen der Schmiede Hallein 09

2013 édition 1 ( ), D’CLINIC studios, Glavna ulica 52, Lendava, Slovenia
2012 parenthesisspaceparenthesis edition 0, l’espace Georges d’Héric, Mons La Trivalle, France
2010 Savvy Contemporary, Berlin
2009 Mirror Space Residency Program, Mirror Space, Berlin
2009 Schmiede 09: AUFBRUCH, Hallein, Austria

Publication, Catalogue, Interview and Articles
Interzone Curator Interview
Performance at Acud
Performance at Performer Stammtisch
2010 Equinox, Grim Museum, Berlin 2010
2010 RPLCMNT with Darri Laurenzen, Savvy Contemporary
2009 “der Greif Schmiede Spezial”
2009 “Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe”, Music composing for Contemporary Chinese Poetry Audio book, Fly East Records

Film Production
2013 “Schleierhaft”, Art Department, Graphic Designer
2012 “Buddha’s Little Finger” Art Department and Designer of Buddha
2008 “Berlin loves you” a short film of Dagmar Weaver-Madsen, main actor
2007 “the secret of the Locksmith” a film of Bowel, main actor
2000 “After raining” a film of Andrew Yang, main actor


Images: Rachel Bühlmann & Sandra Bühler