Lara Salmon

SomoS AIR, Performance Artist, Los Angeles

01.06.2018   - 31.08.2018

Lara Salmon (1987) is an artist from San Diego, California, who works and lives in Los Angeles. She received her BA from the University of California Berkeley and her MFA from Claermont Graduate University. During her studies at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, she was introduced to Performance art. This medium became central to her work due to its unique potential to disrupt reality and challenge habitual patterns.

Salmon’s work addresses complex social and political issues such as migration. Salmon’s personal experiences living and studying in the Middle East as well as doing refugee assistance work in California and Jordan had an important effect on her work, which aims to further public understanding of the circumstances of the refugees.  

One of Salmon’s most recent performances is called Sincerely, America (2017), which has strong political message. In this show, Salmon asked people to write messages to refugees using her body as the messenger. On the final day the artist chose two of the messages which were written on her skin to tattoo over, in order to share it with the refugees. Other of her last performances are Running Out of Time (2017), Ivanka Loves Refugees(2017), and Havana Intoxication (2017).

She has exhibited in cities such as Los Angeles, Claremont, Istanbul, London, and Beirut. Besides performance, she also produces multi-media work, such as Blood Film (2012), which was awarded as the Best Experimental Short for the “Columbia Gorge International Film Festival” among other awards.

As a SomoS Artist-in-Residence Summer 2018, Salmon’s motivation to create art in Berlin was inspired both by the city’s history, and by its role in contemporary migration, and by her belief that performance is well-suited to illuminate social and political issues.

Towards the end of her Berlin residency, she presented her work in the solo exhibition, r/evolving.

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