Lara Salmon

Performance Artist, Los Angeles

from: 01.06.2018   to: 31.08.2018

SomoS is pleased to introduce Lara Salmon to its Artist-in-Residence program. The Los Angeles-based artist joins SomoS residency program June-August 2018 in Berlin to expand on her performance work centering on the relationship between longstanding communities and recent migrants to the city. Observing how different cultures are learning to live together, Salmon focuses her project on Berlin, a deeply multicultural city.

Salmon is an artist working primarily in performance, an art form that for her has a unique potential to disrupt reality and challenge habitual patterns. Her motivation to create art in Berlin comes from this history and her belief that performance can illuminate social and political issues. Her performances are not always individual, but occasionally look for the interaction with the public.

The artist believes that actions exist beyond the visual plane, living as ideas in the mind and through spoken word. In this way, performance is at once ephemeral and persisting. Her performances are often self-critical of American white identity. Salmon’s personal experiences living and studying in the Middle East as well as doing refugee assistance work in California and Jordan had an important effect on her work, which aims to further public understanding of the circumstances of refugees.

Speaking about her process of creation, the artist states that she does not rehearse performances but rather tests durational actions, in order to develop the physical and mental fortitude to perform.

Actions exist beyond the visual plane, living as ideas in the mind and through spoken word. In this way performance is at once ephemeral and persisting.

Lara Salmon, Artist’s Statement


During her stay in Berlin, Salmon developed such durational movements and spent time observing and participating in the dynamics of the city. After the residency, she will bring together her impressions in a solo exhibition, r/evolving, that will take place from the 22st to the 25th of August 2018. (Opening: August 21st, 6-9pm.)

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