Performance: The Last Supper

Performance by Voin de Voin

28.02.2014 7pm

Friday February 28th, 2014, 7pm, SomoS presents a participatory performance by Voin de Voin at the occasion of the artist’s departure from Berlin.

Bulgarian artist Voin de Voin’s extensive academical studies encompass visual art, dance, film and performance arts.

Already a prolific performance artist, Voin appreciates performance art for its ability to freely flux and mix all other arts; its immediacy and riskiness; and the special way it interacts with the audience.

In the artists own words, “performance art could be looked at as a notation or score that writes itself while going along.”

The Last Supper
“is the metaphor for this happening,
an attempt to revisit classic iconography and transport into a new realm of the present.
The “ordinary” and the “commonplace” are driven to become holy through the anticipation of the unfolding of an event.
Time is used as a tool of a vast vacuum of possibilities.
Space – the consideration of memory of all tenses; past present and future.
The body positioned as fragmentation of the universal.
Come and take your seat at the table.”

Admission is free