Laura Pedizzi

Italian Painter

01.08.2019   - 31.08.2019

Visual artist Laura Pedizzi (Italy) explores the theme of female identity in her stylized, minimalist paintings, drawings, silkscreens and prints.

Invariably, the subjects of Pedizzi’s paintings are young women, depicted between portrait and self-portrait. Developed from photo shoots or sketches, they lose part of their biographical connotations in Pedizzi’s reductive painting process, yet in their partial de-personalization they gain universal and iconic aspects.

In Pedizzi’s work, female experience is captured and frozen in evocative and poignant vignettes. Her paintings are marked by careful and reduced composition, and a sense of introspection, thoughtfulness and clarity. With their clean, ordered look and discreet touches of Surrealism and Classicism, the Italian Metaphysical Painting tradition may be discerned as part of the genealogy of her art works, but also the pictorial clarity of the German tradition of Neue Sachlichkeit comes to mind.

As Pedizzi states about her goals,

My main purpose is an introspective research in order to begin an empathic dialogue with the viewer. My paintings are all based on evocative images closer to the memory of a dream than depicting something that is really happening in front of the person.

Laura Pedizzi, Artist’s Statement

Laura is coming to Berlin August 2019 for a short period of research and immersion in SomoS’ artist residency environment, making the most of her studio space and diverse, inspiring artist community.

Laura Pedizzi studied painting privately with LABA – Libera Accademia di Belle Arti teacher Luciano Pea in Florence between 2007 and 2014. In 2015 and 2016, she took part in workshops with artists Javier Zabala and Joanna Concejo.

In 2018, she had duo exhibitions at Galleria dell’Incisione, Brescia (The Person and His Absence, with Abbadati), and Museo Ken Damy, Brescia (White Landscapes, with Massimo Levati); a duo exhibition in 2017 at the Ken Damy Museum, Brescia (La Soglia – O L’Attimo Precedente); and a solo exhibition at R. Triverio Duina in Paitone. Group exhibition participations include 4th Global Print Douro, Portugal 2019; Impersonal. Separation Points, Ken Damy Museum, Brescia 2018; Combat Prize, Giovanni Fattori Museum, Livorno, 2017; Premio Arte, Cairo Editore, Royal Palace, Milan. In 2018, Pedizzi took part in the Fallani Venezia Artist Residency, Venice. Her work is on permanent display at Gallery CoArtCo – Collezione Arte Contemporanea, Bertazzoli Palace, Bagnolo Mella.

More information about Laura Pedizzi can be found on her website,