Leora Fridman

Multimedia Writer, Oakland

15.09.2018   - 15.10.2018

Leora Fridman is a writer, poet, editor, ritualist, and educator, based in Oakland in CA and the San Francisco Bay Area.

September 2018, Fridman worked in Berlin, taking part in SomoS’ Visiting Researchers Residency, focusing on the research and writing about the topics around the legacy of ruin. Through her essays and engaging performances, she tries to investigate what it takes to rejoice from the trauma that people possess from different experiences. Berlin was inspiring location for her research, in terms of its relationship between historical background and re-invention, as well as the artistic environment regardless of its historical trauma.

Through social practice, performance and writing, Leora Fridman’s work explores questions including: What does it mean to take responsibility for the broken? How do we behave ethically when complicit? And, how might illness and disability provide new
opportunities for thoughtful relations and sustainable community? Fridman’s work engages the role of the caretaker, domestic and ritual-maker to consider what leads to generative modes within precarious, traumatic and political fraught conditions.

Leora Fridman, Artist Statement

Fridman holds BA in Literary Arts as a honors student from Brown University, and MFA in Poetry from University of Massachusetts in the US.

Her book publications are: Make an Effort, Essay Press 2017, My Fault, Cleveland State University Press First Book Prize 2016, Obvious Metals, Projective Industries 2014, and more since 2012.

Selected reviews, interviews and essays include: On Saying(Essay), The Millions Forthcoming 2018, Haven’t worked out the particulars…(review), Jacket2 2017, Leora Fridman on Individual and Collective Fantasies Becoming One Thing (interview), Litseen 2016.

Her selected poems and fiction are: from Glacier National Park (poems), jubilat Nb 29 2016, Countless Vessels & Prayer for Wombs (poetry), Noo Weekly 2016, and more since 2011.

The writer has received several honors and awards, most recently from Artist in Residence Caldera, Sisters OR 2018, and MADE Award, Emerging Arts Professionals, San Francisco CA 2017.

Fridman has performed numerous public readings and invited talks and ceremonies. She has teaching experience for graduates and undergraduates at Mount Holyoke College, University of Massachusetts, and Brown University Writing Fellows. As well as adult educations for The Writing Salon in San Francisco, Left Margin Lit in Berkeley, Creative Writing Retreats on the Russian River in Monte Rio. Her teaching topics range from writing of Pain, Illness & Trauma, to Introduction to Creative Writing and Poetry Writing.

She is active as co-curator for a series of conversation Let’s Talk, hosted by ProArts Gallery since 2017 in Oakland. Additionally, she was an editor for Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer, between 2013-2016.

Fridman’s work was presented at “Ourkea” in the exhibition Signification at A1labarts, Knoxville TN, September 2016.