Exhibition of the Lette Verein Berlin Photography Class

11.05.2019   - 12.05.2019

The group exhibition Front presents work by Photography students at the Lette Verein in Berlin, who explore the theme of inner and outer borders in a wide range of artistic positions.

We live in a time of challenging issues: conflict, migration, binary thought, alienation, freedom of speech, polarizing politics, fanaticism, and a steadily growing over-abundance of consumerist choices, seemingly designed to distract us from these pressing themes.
In the Front exhibition, shiny surfaces reflect back at the spectator and their place in society. The confrontation with topics that often seem beyond our imagination or influence, may be irritating or taxing. It is however exactly this engagement we would like to encourage.

Artist’s Statement


Participating Artists:

Silas Bahr, Lisa Beier, Juan Camilo, Andressa Clemente, Jana Convent, Senya Corda, Sam de Goede, Charlotte Hansel, Paulina Hildesheim, Luisa Krautien, Oksana Meister, Joana Pratschke, Darja Preuss, Christina Rank, Cathy Schultze, Quirin Staufer, Katrin Theissen, Lena Treugut, Franziska Vehring, Si Wachsmann, Christian Winterfieldt

Curation and Organization:

Tjard Asseng, Vera Bode, Lisa Beier, Senya Corda, Susanna Ehrenberg, Charlotte Hansel, Luisa Krautien, Joris Felix Patzschke, Mark Prathep, Quirin Staufer, Sabine Schründer, Max Zimmermann

About the Lette Verein Berlin:

The Lette-Verein Berlin (Lette Association or Lette Society) is a German educational organization for applied arts, founded in 1866 in Berlin. Originally founded as a girls school, today it offers a wide range of studies to all, including photography, fashion design, graphic design, media computer science, and other technical studies. More information:

Opening Hours:
Saturday, May 11th, 11am-9pm
Sunday, May 12th, 12pm-6pm

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