Linda Post – Here

Interactive Multimedia Installation

21.11.2018   - 24.11.2018

SomoS is proud to present the solo exhibition Here by current Artist-in-Residence, multimedia artist and educator Linda Post (US).

Here builds upon the artist’s psychogeographic exploration of Berlin’s creative and intellectual history, following unseen paths and discovering forgotten spaces. This creative research forms the basis of an immersive interactive installation employing video and software, that interlinks the present and the past. It creates fragile narratives that allow the visitors to virtually transcend space and time, enabling a personal sense of displacement, and rendering the city’s genealogy of progressive thought and expression relatable.

In the up and down of Berlin’s creative history, there were spikes of extraordinary liberty and opportunity often followed by repression, revanchism, or the limiting effects of ideology, economy or gentrification. Post retraces and channels the creative process of cultural figureheads from literature, music, film, medicine, and politics, ranging from the Weimar years, the 1970s, the 1990s to present day, who found in Berlin the right combination of elements to create their work.

Much of the footage in the exhibition will be of SomoS itself, looking at this house as a site that people are experimenting with what works as a context conducive to their creativity as residents, artists, performers and organizers.

Here employs video projections designed for the space and interactive software that responds to the presence of visitors. The video will address the architecture of SomoS and overlap it with images of other spaces projected onto the gallery. Viewers will then inhabit an overlapping of location. As viewers move about in the room, their presence triggers subtle changes to the media. At times, their image will show up in the projected images and become part of the installation.

As it develops its theme of “inhabiting displacement,” Here poetically addresses fleetingness, place, and the important role migration plays in Berlin’s creative history.


About Linda Post:

Linda Post is an US multimedia artist and educator who explores the sculptural limits of time-based media via video, installation, sculpture, audio, and photography. Her work is often site-specific, involving psychogeographic mental and aesthetic explorations; a choreography of the everyday; and the creation of links across time and space.

Facebook Event Page Add to Calendar Opening Nov. 20th 6-9PM
Exhibition Nov. 21-24 2-7PM, and by appointment