Lost in Pornoland?

by Dominik Frangenhaim

23.10.2014 17h  - 19h

A workshop by Dominik Frangenhaim, Certified Sexological Bodyworker (IISB) during the 9th annual PornFilmFestival Berlin, 2014.

Watching porn offers the opportunity of getting almost effortless into a high state of arousal. While watching most of our attention is on the screen and not in our body except for the genitals. So we miss to enjoy the potential your body has to offer.
In the safe setting of this workshop we want to explore what we think, feel, and sense while watching porn. Each participant tries on his own different easy exercises around focusing and sensing. And we will enhance your movement, breath, and sounding to get more fun out of something we usually do sitting still in front of a screen.
Take courage and join this experiment.

If you need more information, please, feel free to contact Dominik Frangenheim via mail at einfach_versuchen@nullweb.de.

Number of participants: 20 (all genders)

Registration: office@nullpornfilmfestivalberlin.de