Love Kollaps – A Guided Tour of Personal Revelations

06.12.2014 18h  - 22h

… as if we live through the episodes of Berlín’s Telenovela.

This is the enthusiastic story of “LaLove”, a singular Alter Ego from the Telenovelas who is in Berlin looking for a Romance, but once being out of the idealistic Romantic dimension, Lalove faces impasses with the context that complicates his particular circumstances of Love.

New bodies are completly welcomed to join us! This story is still developing and now in a location with a splendid view at SomoS, a Berlin Art House which is our host for an Extra Episode…

EXTRA!! SCANDALOUSLY Revealing Episode!!

Guided tour. ALL ACCESS!!


For this episode we are freeing ourselves from defining any character or stage, so let us come openly to re-visit the route our story has taken, get close to understanding the story’s particular mode of being composed and reflect on how it has affected “us”.

‘Love Kollaps’ is a story in the making of itself. Lalo Gomes explains that its compositional process begins with the use of his amorous life in Berlin as a raw material, then that compendium of dramatic facts is what he brings to reasoning through Humanistic Practices though (since Literature to Sciences) for after – based on his findings – create a representational game from which he invites us to be part of in a Performance as Event. It is to say that this story is one with different manners of ‘thinking’ as well with different modes of ‘performing’ it.

Lalo Gomes’ artistic work inscribed inside a new generation of “thinkers/performers” stands out for reframing cultural discourses and breaking down disciplinary divisions in order to defy ways of staging fictions, a work that he describes as doing “Scenic Philosophy”.

Through re-enacting this experiment in a charming evening with his author, we offer you a walk around the making of with ALL ACCESS to this-our-yours Berlin’s Telenovela in EXTRA (REVEALING) EPISODE, specially created for a re-engagement with the project.

—————Nobody will break Lalove’s heart this night?

—————How is that this tension between theatre, philosophy and performance plays out in creating our story?

—————Which conceptual constellations can be founds overlapping inside the process?

—————-Where ‘thinking’ and ‘performing’ do encounters one another here?

—————-What is the productive dimension of this experiment?

—————-Will be the future of the scenic works this way of thinking/performing?

—————-Would you like to formulate any other question?

—————–So… What is the scandal?