Luiza Schiavo

Luiza Schiavo’s intuitive approach to painting reveals an intimate side of her subjects. She manages to capture a sensitive and expressive natural state that lies just beneath the surface of each moment. The moments that she focuses on are not necessarily the most beautiful or picturesque, but instead tell a deeper and richer story of the whole range of emotions and she is not afraid to depict her subjects at their most vulnerable. When her gaze becomes introspective she applies this same level of subversive sensitivity to her own figure. The result is a raw and uncompromising look at an extremely poignant and transitional period of her life.

For Schiavo, the subjective reality that she can lay bare is the fascination in painting. Each layer of paint adds texture to the surface of the canvas, mimicking the unevenness inherent in our own self-representation. It is because of this unadulterated honesty that her portraits have such a power to communicate their emotional depth.

Schiavo stems from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and has a degree in painting. Working mainly with oil painting techniques, she uses delicate strokes full of texture. Her themes are often self portraits or biographical, questioning our relationships with the body, sexuality and identity.

The artist has participated in the My PaperSunglasses exhibition at SomoS in August of 2014 as well as the Tropicana 404 exhibition in January and February of 2015. In 2019, she took part in the group show Bodily.