Lynn Book is a transmedia artist working across disciplines and cultural spheres through performative, material, digital and electronic modes to make performance, exhibition, media works, public projects and encounters. As a disciplinary immigrant, her work takes shape in city sites and galleries, in clubs, fields and concert halls and centers on the transformational potentials between people, practice and place. Book’s work has been performed and exhibited in the US at the Kitchen, Symphony Space, Roulette in New York; in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Experimental Sound Studio, Hothouse; at the Cleveland International Performance Art Festival, Maverick New Music Festival; at SECCA with a multiplatform collaborative culture project on utopias, among others.

Derangement as a principle of life – that’s what I’m after!

Lynn Book


Book’s recent projects in Europe include a new media concert work commissioned by ArtStays International Festival of Contemporary Art called “HOLE – in search of opera without Opera” in Ptuj Slovenia. She was the U.S. curator for ArtStays‘ new media exhibition, IN/EX Change that involved a network of international artists and Slovenian culture workers collaborating on novel site specific projects in several sites within the medieval town core. Her current project is a video, performance and installation work entitled UnReading for Future Bodies, interrogating the nature and scope of knowledge making, and developing new forms of performativity in reading, reception and the construction of meaning across real/virtual platforms. “Escapes” is volume one which reconfigures poetry by way of the Phaedra figure. In 2013 Book developed a series of performance/video interventions with “Escapes” in Budapest, Naples and Berlin. Additionally it has been presented at conferences in the UK at York University and in Australia at Queensland College of Art. “Escapes” has been published in the online journal “Anglistica,” University of Naples, Italy and “Derangements – a study for unreading” will be published in the journal, Synthesis, University of Athens, Greece, as well as the new journal of contemporary art practice and theory, ELSE, published by Transart Institute. “Derangements”, volume 2, considers chimaera across time, myth and science through the travelogue book form.

Lynn Book’s work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, the Illinois Arts Council, Franklin Furnace Fund, and a media project residency funded by the MacArthur Foundation, among others. She has lectured and presented at Harvard University, Cornish College of Art, Parsons School of Design and is a featured speaker on TEDx. She was recently invited to speak on a panel for Leadership Nouveau 2014 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Book has built innovative initiatives that include VoiceLab in New York, and co-created new programs at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sarah Lawrence College and the Kitchen Summer Institute, New York. Since 2005, she has been teaching interdisciplinary art and developing programs and research on creativity in the liberal arts at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she is currently Associate Teaching Professor and Director of the Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. She has been a Faculty Affiliate with Transart Institute, an international MFA/PhD program in contemporary art practice, since its inception in 2004. Her first scholarly book was recently published, Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Changing Currents in Education and Public Life, Edward K. Elgar, 2013.


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September 2014, video works by Lynn Book were presented as part of the Made in SomoS group exhibition. A performance intervention took place September 12, 8pm.

UnReading for Future Bodies is a video project that takes on reading, reception and knowledge making as performative acts and in doing so aspires to challenge and rework the book form itself. It engages viewer-participants in various registers of experience through interactive treatments that highlight and transform relations between body/image/voice/text/space. These works aim to present new ways of approaching the construction of meaning in a highly mediated cultural regime, magnified by a super-saturated technological one.

Escapes is Volume 1, a book of ‘poems’ that emerged from a series of performance projects interrogating opera, Greek tragedy, media hybridity, performance, and what I call voicing bodies. In Volume 2, Derangements wrestles with the Chimaera figure and ‘her’ deranged boundaries, from ancient myths to concepts of hybridity in science and culture, bodies as super-organisms and the human microbiome.

Selections and studies from the first two videos, which form the central work of the project, will be on view at SomoS through September, with Book performing interventions with the work at the opening event, Friday, September 12, beginning at 8pm.

Lynn Book took part in the following exhibitions at SomoS:
Made in SomoS
Transart Institute: Open Frame


Classical sculpture of group of women overlayed with abstract pattern
Phaedra.excerpt4.Escape2 – A denatured song cycle for voice, violin, synthesizer, sfxs and electronics by Lynn Book and Shawn Decker. Excerpt from a 60 minute live performance at the Outer Ear Festival, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL, Jan 2012.