Magenta Baribeau

French-Canadian Feminist Activist & Filmmaker

01.01.2020   - 31.03.2020

Canadian filmmaker Magenta Baribeau is author of feminist documentaries about childfree women and nonparents and the ongoing societal prejudice they face.

Baribeau’s 2015 Maman? Non merci! (No Kids For Me, Thanks!) is an award winning full length documentary on Western women who decided to not have children and the societal stigmas around childless women which still persist until today. Responding to the perception of women who decide not to have children as selfish, irresponsible, and vain, Baribeau takes inspiration from her own experiences to seek out like-minded women who feel hardly represented in literature or the media. The filmmaker tackles this taboo topic in her films with the intention to not just raise awareness on the issue, but to examine the role of women in today’s society in general.

The filmmaker discusses her inspiration for her film:

In order to find other girl-next-door childfree women, I started a blog and to my surprise, women from all over the world started posting their life stories in the comments to my various entries. I kept hearing the same things from them: “Thank you! I thought I was alone!” “I’ve felt like an alien all my life, it’s great to know there are others like me.” “No one understands me, it’s great to be able to vent here.” I hadn’t realized just how alone childfree women were. Especially those living outside of urban centers. So I decided to give a voice mostly to women, as they are more pressured by society to fall in line and have kids than their male counterparts, but also to couples and experts in order to understand the many facets of the childfree life.

Magenta Baribeau, Director Statement


Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Baribeau will live and work on her new film at SomoS from January until March of 2020. Continuing her mission on making lesser known voices heard, she will work on the production/post production stages of Unspeakable, her film on women who regret having children. Living and working in Berlin will give her easier access to meet and connect with other artists and hold interviews with a variety of French speakers. Along with working on her film, she will organize screenings on her past and present projects and other documentary/queer/feminist/anti-oppression films.

Nude female torso drawn in comic style, with her arms folder over her breast.

Since 2009, Baribeau has worked as a writer, director, and producer. She graduated from Concordia University (Montreal) in Film Production. She has worked on several short films as both an actress and director before entering the world of documentary filmmaking in 2009. Her first feature film, Maman? Non merci! won 2016 Best Feature Film at the London Feminist Film Festival. In 2017, she founded the Montreal Feminist Film Festival. She is currently finishing a book project and developing two feature documentary projects.

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Magenta Baribeau’s residency is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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