Aske A. Hvidtfeldt: Man Machines, Cyborgs and Nordic Absurdism

Danish artist working in ink and spay painting on paper

01.07.2017   - 30.09.2017

SomoS is pleased to introduce new Artist-in-Residence Aske A. Hvidtfeldt, a young visual artist from Denmark.

Absurdist, surreal and collage-like, Hvidtfeldt’s airbrushed and inked grayscale cosmology has a distinctly subcultural and irreverent bent.

Smartly weaving a web of wide-ranging themes and allusions, involving cyborgs, Metropolis, Kraftwerk, violent politicians, Roy Andersson, Fritz Kahn’s industrialist infographics and the most inventive renderings of exploding minds outside of “Scanners,” Hvidtfeldt’s work makes some insightful points on humanity vs technology, freedom and democracy, the self and community.

Born 1985 and graduated in 2014 from the Jutland Art Academy, Hvidtfeldt will make use of this three-month residency to experiment with new formal methods for his techniques of large scale airbrush and ink art paperworks. Aske’s meticulous process and labor-intensive techniques are constantly being resolved to a further and finer degree of accuracy, applying his unique trademark blend of optimism, wit, and satire.

aske a hvidtfeldt
Aske A. Hvidtfeldt – Work-in-Progress, SomoS, August 2017
Aske A. Hvidtfeldt studio visit, SomoS, August 2017

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt will exhibit his large-scale works on paper within his solo exhibition Songs from Misantropolis at SomoS Art House 6. Oct. 2017–14. Oct. 2017.

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