Cameraless Film & Experimental Sound

Marguerite Harris & Baptiste Moulin

03.09.2016 1pm  - 04.09.2016 7pm

SomoS presents a hands-on exploration of creative analog cameraless film treatments and experimental sound creation by SomoS Resident Artist Marguerite Harris. and sound artist Baptiste Moulin.

In the the course, Marguerite Harris will, after a short historical introduction, enable participants to experiment with film treatments such as stitching, bleaching, gluing, colorizing, scratching, as well as provide a brief introduction to projecting the results.

Source material of 16 and 35mm film is provided. Participants can also bring their own celluloid film material for treatment. Available tools are a 16mm projector, video projector, videocam, various slide projectors, sewing machines, inks, bleach and other tools.

Sound artist Baptiste Moulin will assit Marguerite Harris and present experimental music through his self-made instrument and
self-made microphone. Then the participants will play with sound, experimenting and composing an experimental improvised soundtrack for their analog visual production.
Instruments will be provided but participant are welcome to bring any music instruments or any material or device able to produce sound.


Saturday, September 3rd, & Sunday September 4th 2016, from 1-5pm: Sessions with Marguerite Harris & Baptiste Moulin