Marguerite Harris – Film is Un/Dead

AIR Exhibition, Screening & Workshop

30.08.2016   - 04.09.2016

From August 30 until September 4, 2016, SomoS Art House presents the solo exhibition “Film is Un/Dead” by current SomoS Artist-in-Residence Marguerite Harris.

Marguerite Harris’ work is based on the constant evolution of recent technologies and the relationship they maintain with the human body, moving in space and time, interacting with the artwork, completing the sculpture. To this end, she links together different media like analog films, Digital Art or algorithms amongst others. By the use of collage and direct alterations on the film’s surface, she opens up a dialogue between the machine and the visitor, a dialogue which is deepened by the viewer’s presence, who is not anymore only a spectator, but also an actor. In this perpetual conversation, the support and the frame don’t matter anymore: only the movement, the speed, the light and the body’s presence exist. In her latest works, the artist is introducing the themes of gender and her Black heritage through the use of African print patterns.

In Harris’ hybrid installations, a meaningful connection bonds machine and viewer. Both of them are coming with two different experiences of reality. This duality/complicity between them is characteristic of her work, as Marguerite Harris is fascinated by our drive to be embodied in the machine.

The artist will show a video/analog film installation which will be expanded by a creative analog film treatment workshop.

Marguerite Harris is an U.S. American visual artist, experimental filmmaker and writer; graduated from the Indiana University Bloomington and the holder of a MFA in New Media. She has written and published various essays on Film/Video/Numeric Computer Art & Immersive Environments. Her publications are now used in the area of Contemporary Cinema Art and New Media Theories. Based in Paris, she mostly exhibits her installations across the United States, in France and in Berlin.

Opening Reception: August 30, 2016, 6-9pm (entry free)
Exhibition Duration: August 31 – September 4, 2016, daily from 2-7pm
Expanded Cinema Film Screening: “Cinémas de Traverse”:
September 2, 6-10pm
Workshop: DIY Creative Analog Film Treatments & Processes:
September 3 &4 , 2016, 1-5pm (cost: 10€ for two days)