Maria Guta

Custom Paradise

26.10.2016   - 30.10.2016

Maria Guta was born in Bucharest, Romania, where she studied graphic design and made her practice in fields as visual communication, art direction and fine arts. She moved to Switzerland in 2010 and in 2015 she has completed a Master`s degree in Art Direction and Photography at ECAL (Lausanne). She is currently living and working as a freelance artist between Switzerland and Romania. During the past year, her work was exhibited in Tokyo, Zurich, Neuchâtel, Lausanne, Milan and Bucharest.

During the 2016 exhibition “Custom Paradise” at SomoS, Maria Guta presented the VR installation “POV VR XXX” in cooperation with Stéphane Morey and POV Paper.

I have always been attracted by identity related topics and have often tried to explore in my work our capacity of building alter egos, walking the line between role playing and virtual identities.

My installation “POV VR XXX” was a first of a kind experience from several points of view. I had never before dealt with porn nor VR in my practice, so it was quite a challenge and a revelation at the same time. And when I say revelation I mostly refer to the VR part. Shooting in 360° changed so much the perspective on things and all of my “know how” when dealing with a camera and what`s in front of it (in this case – all around it). From building up the concept to the final result there were many exciting discoveries. But probably the one I would like to mostly point on in my presentation is simulating someone’s point of view in VR, which can be extended to concepts like out of body / inhabiting other bodies experience.

Maria Guta, about POV VR XXX


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