Media Art Salon with Telematique & U-matic

Tech Open Air festival satellite presentation

17.07.2014 17h  - 17.07.2014 23h

As part of the Tech Open Air festival taking place in Berlin July 17, 2014, SomoS Art house opens its doors to technology enthusiasts and art lovers alike with a media art salon evening showcasing the work of Telematique + U-matic.

The Berlin-based duo will present a generative video installation titled ‘Tornado#3’ in the salon area at SomoS art house. The audio-visual Installation  allows the audience to experience an abstracted simulation of a whirlwind. Image and sound are created in real time with software especially developed for the project.

Telematique /Sven Gareis

With his video installations and live performances, Sven Gareis has been a part of the European art- and club landscape since 1998. From 1998-2004 Sven Gareis has been a member of the media art label monitor.automatique. Since 2004 he performs under the name „telematique“.

The work of Telematique has created a name for itself in its experimental approach. His aim has been to generate pictural landscapes which closely relate to the architecture and live music contexts in which they are presented. To this end, his artistic practice is continually developed. The result is a multitude of dense and surprising visual worlds, evolving in a precise synergy with the given music.

U-matic / Ute Härting

is a Berlin based visual artist and motion designer.
Real life footage reduced to pixels and graphic elements are the mosaic pieces for her experimental video mixes. U-matics project and live video performances are characterized by their increasingly minimalistic approach. Collaboration with musicians and other artists is an important part of u-matics work.
U-matics projects are shown at festivals, exhibitions and in clubs since 1998.

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