Memory, History & Identity – Anahita Norouzi (Iran)

Artist-in-Residence May / June 2018

from: 01.05.2018   to: 30.06.2018

SomoS is pleased to introduce interdisciplinary artist Anahita Norouzi to its Artist-in-Residence program. She will join our residency program May-June in Berlin to work on her project “They Are Neither Dead Nor Alive: A Study on the Deformed Bodies” which looks at the body as a political artifact which the power has control to mark, train, and punish: how does the state control and discipline the body through its institutions–prison, hospital, and school?

Anahita Norouzi (04/06/1983), who is originally from Iran and now lives between Iran and Montreal Canada, has developed an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating video and performance in her recent projects.

Norouzi’s work often addresses the issues of memory and identity from a psychohistorical perspective. She explores these concepts in relation to her dichotomous condition as a citizen and a distant observer at the same time. Her work deals with a variety of media, primarily performance and video. Since her work is mostly based on personal narratives, self-representation is an integral component.

Speaking about her work, Norouzi says:

By giving form to my formless experiences, I create a new experience out of an old one which encapsulates psychological states. Subsequently, my work transforms beyond the specifics of my personal story and occupies a shared emotional space with the viewers and reflects on the collective psyche in our contemporary time.

Anahita Norouzi, Artist Statement


June 26th 2018 SomoS proudly presents a multimedia installation and performance from Norouzi titled de- +‎ patterned: A Space in-between. In this presentation, the artist draws from her own personal archive of memories, texts, and family stories to revisit and at times revise the historical events surrounding the Iranian Revolution.

Opening Reception & Performance; June 26th 2018, 6-9pm
Duration: June 27- 30 2018, daily 2-7pm