Mikhail Haramati

Painter Based in Sacramento, CA, USA

01.07.2019   - 30.09.2019

Mikhail Haramati (b.1982) is an American painter based in Sacramento, CA, USA. She is interested in the often dramatic environmental impact of the unseen physical processes that keep industrialized societies going.

Drawing from her memory and her own photographs, Haramati uses a vocabulary that updates the genre of traditional landscape painting, with references to early 1970’s US realist and Pop-art painting, even to Socialist Realism, while introducing unexpected viewpoints. Often incorporating a direct relationship with her surroundings, she brings the viewer’s attention to rough, but also poetic aspects of industrial processes. Portraying its cycles of exploitation, waste and renewal, she captures fleeting moments of introspection and beauty, bringing to mind Lucy Lippard’s fascination with “landscapes under siege” or the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

A SomoS Artist-in-Residence July-September 2019, working towards a solo exhibition in the Fall, Haramati describes her current work and Berlin project as follows:

I’m fascinated by the unseen workings of our world. Digitization is everywhere, yet certain physical processes must remain analog. Chief among these, is how human waste is processed. One of the most important feats of alchemy in human history has been the transformation of sewage into drinkable water. During the residency, I will create a series of paintings about the process of wastewater treatment. The goal is to make this critical, unknown process, compelling and attractive, despite the unseemly connotations. Visiting sewage treatments plants in the area, I will take photos of the abstract, light touched shapes and patterns in the water. Working with these images as a digital archive, a composition will emerge that is both realistic and foreign to the viewer.

Mikhail Haramati, Artist’s Statement


In 2006, Mikhail Haramati obtained her BA from Mills College, Oakland (CA).

She presented her work recently in solo exhibitions at The Urban Hive and Momentary Glance at Capital Public Radio Studios, both located at Sacramento (CA) in 2019 and 2017; as well as Works in Oil, Loanna Clark Gallery, Petaluma (CA) in 2004 and ​Patriotic Scenes of Northern California, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco (CA) in 2003.

The artist also participated in group shows such as A Sense of Place, CK Gallery, Oakland (CA), 2012; Emerging Artists Under 30, A St Gallery, Santa Rosa, 2002 and, in 2011, at SOMArts Bay Gallery and Auction, San Francisco (CA).

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