Mischa Tangian – Unclean Music

Musical Performance


Between sound and noise, there is a large zone of ambiguity. The project Unclean Music explores this void. The accomplished young performer, violinist, pianist, composer and conductor Mischa Tangian uses the the classically “beautiful sound” of the violin to create and improvise new acoustic forms.

A musical guided tour through SomoS’ Unclean exhibition by the accomplished young composer and violinist Mischa Tangian introduced the audience to previously unseen and unheard aspects of the show through novel composition, inspired improvisations and impressive theatricality. Slyly responding to the exhibition’s theme of exclusion, Tangian added a political layer to his performance, by appearing and acting as a street musician/bum.


In conjunction with the “Unclean lecture” Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion by Pedro Bustamante.