Musician, writer and performance artist Nicholas Curry a.k.a. Momus (the name refers to the Greek deity  of mockery, godess of writers and poets) has over the course of the last 30 years developed a quirky re-imagining of the singer-songwriter format. With his highly literary song texts, writing and blogging, Currie places himself in the tradition of Walter Benjamin and Charles Baudelaire; interpreting the contemporary dandy as “urban flaneur,” wandering and creatively interpreting the city, whose “system of streets can be seen as a vascular network of imagination.” (Kirsten Seale)

Momus’ songs have been published in Japan, the U.K and U.S.A. Inventive, personal, and marked by an uniquely sly literary wit, they have more than once proved that subversive humor and unusual sexual themes can still have a provocative impact on society.

Over the years, Nicholas Curry has appeared regularly as “The Unreliable Tour Guide” at venerable institutions and museums such as the Schirn Kunsthalle, the Nobel Museum and the Witney Biennale.

2013 Nicholas Curry kindly agreed to perform as Unreliable Tour Guide at SomoS, leading the audience through the Algemeinplätze + Nahaufnahmen exhibition. The inspired and brilliantly improvised tour touched upon themes such as how to make it as an artist, hidden realities, exemplified by tales of the terrible power and the amazing exploits of a certain Klaus Biesenbach in a surreal vision of Berlin.


Momus’ documentation and interview courtesy 6sept13 and testcard.