Moran Sanderovich

Berlin-based Multidisciplinary Artist

27.09.2018   - 30.09.2018

Born 1980 in Israel, Moran Sanderovich is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist. She works in sculpture, performance, video and drawing, speculatively extending the normative view of the body.

The traditions of Surrealism and Industrial find contemporary interpretation in Sanderovich’s art, enriched by motifs of Post-humanism, genetic manipulation, Cyber-feminism, and new notions of the prosthetic. Often evoking a visceral reaction, her work depicts transgressive bodily states, venturing beyond the limits of biology into a fantastic realm that reflects narratives of empowerment, violence, transcendence and potentiality.

In elaborate sessions that blur the boundaries between performance and sculpture, Sanderovich creates gripping cinematic situations wearing her prosthetic creations.

Sanderovich turns the grotesque into poetic works that stems directly from bodily experience, also painful ones. She “finds power and strength from the depths of open wounds,” regarding it as part of female and queer experience alike. She notes that this power to create an alternative reality, to create an alternative body out of victimization, seems to be irritating to many, especially men.

Sometimes mechanically animated, her work employs materials such as silicone, fabric, industrial waste, bone, hair, latex, toys and found objects, aiming to deconstruct our perception of materialism. Sanderovich speculatively extends the body’s organic boundaries, “her work challenges and blurs normative conceptions of bodily limitation, taking disability, mutation, and decay as starting points for other forms of life.”

Sanderovich began her education and training at the Israel Modern Dance company, Adama, Mitzpe Ramon (IL) 2001-2002, and the Yafo Group, Modern Dance School, Jaffa 2002-2003. Additionally, she was educated at the Theatron Haguf, School of Physical Theater, Tel Aviv between 2003-2004, and at the School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem 2005-2009. In 2013, she participated in an “Intensive Program of Experimental Performance” at SMASH in Berlin.

From 2007, the artist has exhibited and performed widely, including venues such as Enter Art Foundation, Shift Gallery, Ballery Gallery, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin, Alfred Gallery Tel Aviv, Grimmwelt Museum, Kassel, Holtegaard Museum, Copenhagen, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg.

In 2018, she has performed in the Middlesbrough Art Weekender Festival , Middlesbrough in England, in Misspelled, a performance by the choreographer Maya Weinberg/Hazira, in Israel, and in Die Geschichte vom Leben und Sterben des neuen Juppi Ja Jey Juden, Gorki Theater – Studio Я in Berlin.

She has taken part in Position Berlin Art Fair in 2018 in a presentation by Galerie van Cauwelaert and SomoS. April 2019, she took part in the Bodily group exhibition at SomoS.

Awards that Sanderovich received for her work include Best show for Human Nature, Fist Festival, 2008, Serbia, and Jerusalem Mayor’s Award for Excellence and Artistic Achievement, 2008, Israel. She received a scholarship from the America-Israel Foundation (IL) in 2006.

She took part in Artists Residency programs at betOnest artist residency in Angermünde (DE) 2018, Hazira, Jerusalem (IL) 2017, Schloss Broellin, Angermünde (DE) 2015, Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main (DE), CCA,Tel Aviv (IL), both 2015.

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