20.10.2015   - 05.11.2015

MuD is a cooperation between Muerbe & Droege. MuD’s recent short films, produced by the Logotorium for Public Arousal, “Family Business” and “Catjob,” (a collaboration with Le Krek) were screened at the Experimental Porn Short Film program at the 2015 edition of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin at Moviemento Cinema.

Logotorium for Public Arousal is an open and diverse collective of the people present on the set. The group’s method of operating follows the philosophy that every position in the making process is a drag. As the curators of the GEGENkino Filmfestival put it: “In search of inhuman affective relations, the Logotorium works within non-explicit post-porn, because the sexual dispositif itself is way too explicit anyways.”

The Logotorium for Public Arousal collective’s films have been presented at the film festivals GEGENkino, La Fête du Slip, Berlin Pornfilmfestival.