New SomoS A.I.R. Pauline Alioua

Announcing SomoS' New Artist in Residence, Photographer Pauline Alioua

07.09.2015   - 30.11.2015

New Fall 2015 SomoS Artist in Residence, photographer Pauline Alioua joined SomoS from her home in Paris. The young artist will stay at SomoS for three months to continue her personal take on impersonal landscapes.

Pauline Alioua is inspired by the tensions between the humanmade and the natural, and the objects and people at the periphery of our perspective. Her current work focuses on the traces left behind by lovers in the landscape, puddles, scratches, broken tires, these poetic objects that tell a story of doubt and wonder.

SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Program

Gallery Walk - 4th Global Diplomacy Lab © Bea Rodrigues/TRBM; Troublemakers Photography School for Creative Activism: Trans Activism Seminar Finissage
SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Program offers cultivated, supportive and stimulating surroundings to international visiting artists, curators, researchers and academics wishing to realize an artistic project in Berlin. The residency, normally completed within three months, is focused on production, experience, critical discourse, networking, and local participation. Staying at SomoS, participants become a part of a thriving artistic community with an active exhibition and event program and will easily and swiftly become well-acquainted with the creative, networked city that is Berlin. More info about SomoS’ artist residencies