Introducing New SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Nina Hong (Seoul)

New SomoS Artist-in-Residence

01.03.2017   - 31.05.2017

SomoS is pleased to welcome Nina Hong (Seoul) to its artistic community. The visual artist, who works in installation and painting, joined SomoS Art House in March 2017 to begin a three-month residency.

After her recent experience living at the center of the UK’s melting pot, Nina Hong became increasingly interested in the subject of female social status and behavior.

Referring particularly to the female experience of her native home in Seoul, South Korea, she aims to critically explore the way in which social pressures can lead to female passiveness.

During her stay at SomoS, the artist is researching and producing a self portrait in the shape of an installation. The work takes as starting point a series of interviews she is currently undertaking in Berlin, in which she questions how she herself is perceived, and to what degree this initial impression may be informed by her gender and race. The interviewees, often from a different cultural background than her own, are also asked to name certain qualities or objects that come to mind describing the artist’s image. These collected perceptions will flow into the production of an elaborate new installation that will be presented at SomoS May 2017.

The starting point of my work is questioning femininity, especially Korean femininity. A woman’s life in Korea is still suppressed by society. Thus, woman have an objective as well as a subjective perception of their own body. In experiencing the irony of this divided self, females want to extricate themselves from other’s judgement, yet at the same time we complete our identity with other’s views as well. I have completed several projects of self-portrait installations based on the artificiality of female images that are formed by society’s ideology.

Nina Hong, Artist’s Statement

About Nina Hong

Nina Hong holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Kookmin University in Seoul as well as a Master’s in Fine Arts in Painting from UCL Slade School of Fine Art in London (2015). She received the award for Best Independent Music Video from East Asia at the Australian Independent Music Video Awards in 2013. Her latest solo exhibitions featuring her installation work were “Three Lies” at the Rainbow Cube Space, Seoul (2016), and “Self Portrait” at Sakak Gallery, Seoul (2017). More information

Nina Hong homepage

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