Alter Angle #5: Jasko Begovic

07.07.2015 7pm

Tijdens de zomereditie van de Berlin Fashion Week

During Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2015, SomoS presents the artist Jasko Begovic as part of SomoS’ Alter Angle exhibition series. Begovic, whose approach to appliqué merges punk and new-wave sentiments with a post-internet pastiche approach to sewing and embroidery will exhibit his work and will also be present to create living design on the spot.

Performance: 19th century technique, 2016 chic
The artist introduces a live and spontaneous aspect to his designs and visitors are invited to bring with them fabric, material, or objects to be transformed by Begovic during the Alter Angle evening on Tuesday July 7th from 7pm.

SomoS’ ongoing exhibition series “Alter Angle” is part of Berlin Fashion Week, presenting artists who draw from fashion, individuality, and the pursuit of beauty to explore an alternative angle on conscious style and explore the world of creativity behind and beyond the fabric of fashion.