Unsettled Landscapes – KLAUS HU

Solo Exhibition

07.05.2015   - 22.05.2015

Klaus Hu’s Unsettled Landscapes at SomoS in May 2015 presents the culmination of the past few years of the artist’s research into land use and reclamation in the American Southwest. The multimedia presentations feature large-scale works on canvas, activating different techniques to recount the artist’s ambivalent perception of the uniquely grand and yet contested landscape shaped over 1000s of years by geological forces and abruptly being altered by a strained relationship with its current human inhabitants.

May 14th at 8pm:
Artist Talk and Film Presentation – Unsettled Landscapes

Join us for an in-depth look at the research journey that led to Klaus Hu’s current work. Klaus’ keynote presentation in video format traces the narrative arc of research-based art practice such as his, through the Land Art movement of the 1970s and 1980s into contemporary land use debates in the American Southwest and the many artists that have attempted to expose such unfair policies through their art.

Additionally, Klaus Hu will present selected video works that explore these themes and expand upon them, connecting with our extraterrestrial exploration and potential colonization of other worlds such as Mars.

Duration: 7-2.5.2015
Opening: 7.5.2015, 7pm
Artist Talk and Film Presentation: 14.5.2015, 7pm