Ode to the Sea


13.09.2013 20h  - 14.09.2013 00h

The Sea is unpredictable, shameless. Calm and furious in one go, it takes prisoners amongst its depths, but also provides safe passage for boats and ships. it is endless.. a deep blue monster, that bred life to this planet and still holds 80 percent of all life, while covering three quarters of the worlds surface.

In this spirit, this dinner is “an Ode to the Sea” and everything it holds and controls. This collaboration has come about, after Chefs Jamie and Morgan previously worked in London together, and spent time working closely with the Sea and shore flavor’s in Scandinavia.

Chef Daniel Morgan’s and Chef Jamie Lee’s underwater journey at SomoS Art House will take you through a series of courses, that give close attention to the vast amount of diverse maritime ingredients available.



DATES: 13.10 // 14.10, 2013 8PM

Exclusive 1 time only 25 people only pop-up dinner experience.

40 Euros per Person, including 4 course meal, desert & half a bottle of wine per guest.

The event will take place at 20:00 on Friday and Saturday, 13 and 14 September at SomoS Berlin.

It will also be a special private occasion to view the Allgemeinplaetze und Nahaufnahmen exhibition and meet the participating artists Donato Del Giudice, Larissa Fassler, Sandra Bühler, Melchior de Tinguy du Pouet.



Please send an email with the subject “Dinner RSVP” and on which of the two days you are coming


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Kottbusser Damm 95, 10976 Berlin

U-bahn Schönleinstrasse

phone: +49(0)1723118431 // +49(0)17662381119





Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee started his career as a chef in the financial district of London at Michelin-starred restaurant 1Lombard Street. For three years he served gourmet food in this fast paced environment under the scrutiny of Swiss chef Herbert Berger. From there he walked straight into the dragon’s den when he took a position for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay at his Mayfair restaurant Maze. A job that later took him to Australia where he spent a year launching sister restaurant Melbourne Maze.

A romance and Jamie’s curiosity of the New Nordic cuisine took him to the wintry expanse of Scandinavia where he settled down in Copenhagen to work with Michelin-awarded chef Paul Cunningham at the Tivoli Gardens.

Jamie now works as senior sous chef at Fiskebaren in Copenhagen where he creates modern and experimental dishes inspired by the raw Scandinavian nature. The trademark of Fiskebaren is the fresh and healthy fish and seafood dishes using seasonal nordic ingredients.

Jamie says: “For me cooking was a calling. I started at a very young age and was drawn to the reactions of cooking. For me it was interesting to see how a different preparation method or a new composition of the food could create so many beautiful results. Today, I try to enhance the produce without tampering it too much. This means that I rely a lot on getting the best and most fresh produce into the restaurant. Working like this means that I have to stay in close touch with the fisherman, the farmer and the forager – I depend on their ability and skills to bring me the best of their crops.”


Morgan Daniel

“Having spent my formative years contributing to London’s fine dining scene (The Ritz, Maze by Gordon Ramsay, sketch and The Square, I relocated to Berlin to expand my knowledge of culinary expression, where I came in contact with an artist who invited me to do a chef residency program In India for six months of research and development, collaboration and cultural immersion. I then moved onto Scandinavia and did an internship at Restaurant Noma, learning about  about foraging, aging and pickling.

My style is informed by cutting edge techniques, playful combinations and narrative detailing, I am inspired by the garden, the forest, the smell of a wild flower, the natural canvas of the earth and everything that is provided by nature.

I am like a sponge when it comes to new cultures and traditions, It thrills me to see the most simple cooking process from someone at home, respecting their own ritual traditions.

Cooking and eating is a world that brings us together as families and friends; it’s our fuel and fire, I am in love with food and I have met some of my greatest friends whilst working along the way.

The most inspirational thing anyone has ever said to me was at the Ritz hotel where I started my career: “After your 18 hour of sweat blood and tears when you go home and look In the mirror, just make sure you have made something beautiful that day, something that you are proud of.” This has stuck with me throughout my cooking life. And it’s something that I strive for in everything that I put my mind too.

I have also been lucky enough to do several development dinners, some with artists and musicians, which has been a great learning vehicle to express my own ideas.”