OPEN CALL: Performing Art Studies #65

Performing Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling


Your Perception May Not Be My Reality

Closing date for applications 15. July 2019, 23:59

To perceive is an action, something that we actively do, but not always consciously. Perception is following a chain of activities which are bound together: action – attraction – processing – perception – recognition – action and so on. this chain is essential for the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information and needed to understand our environment, society, and personality.

Within the arts, perception is a tool used to confuse, deconstruct or disturb, in order, to relate differently to ourselves, the society, and the environment. artists of all genres are interested in toying around with the chain of perception. op-art, surrealism, dadaism, and of course, performance art are some examples of how aesthetic or visual perception offers a diverse view on the world, which provides an opportunity to question how we perceive since the perception-chain is individual and does not have a collective function. This fact becomes potentially interesting when two (or more) perceptions meet. The exchange of experience creates a dialogue and intersection, which acts as the base for our daily communication. Sharing these experiences offers us the possibility to rethink paradigms, question single viewpoints, and better understand the need for change.

The deeper we inquire within the field of perception we holistically find ourselves straddling the borders of logic, sense, and understanding. In these perhaps, uncanny areas, one could potentially become capable of locating and acknowledging these blossoming flowers of art.

The aim, of Performing Art Studies #65 focuses on the concept of perception as a prompt and/or launching point for better understanding the body, space, time, material, and action as active tools of performance art. researchers will engage with other art forms, such as poetry, sculpture, drawing, painting, video, architecture, with the intent of demonstrating context in relation to time relevant issues. Results and findings will take form and shall be presented upon completing the theoretical analysis.

Performing Art Studies (PAS) offer

• Pedagogical, artistic and technical guidance of experienced artist and performance art professor BBB Johannes Deimling.
• Exploring performance art through a variety of unique performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments.
• Collaborating with other like-minded people with different experiences, backgrounds and nationalities.
• Program adjusted to the group dynamics and individual needs.
• Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions.
• Final public presentation in Berlin, Germany at SomoS.
• Video and photo documentation of the final presentation.
• Tons of inspiration, practical and theoretical knowledge, new experiences.
• And many more that is dependent on your engagement.


Fee: € 310
Price does not include travel and accommodation costs.

Accommodation: we help to find shared places with other participants.


Closing date for applications 15. July 2019
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03. August 2019 arrival (unofficial).
04. – 10. August 2019: practical studies and researches.
04. August – start at 10am at SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin.
10. August 2019: final presentation.
11. August 2019: reflection and closing day, departure at earliest 2pm.

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