Open Call for Proposals to the Lahore Biennale

from: 28.03.2017

The Lahore Biennale call is open to people with any background. Education or experience in the arts is not mandatory.

Rashid Rana Artistic Director and Curator of the 2018 Lahore Biennale to take place from February 4th – March 25th 2018 in Lahore Pakistan has initiated an open call for proposal from people of any background to submit to participate in the biennale.

Submissions will be accepted until April 4th, 2017. Please visit http://lahorebiennale.orgfor more information and to apply.

More information about the inaugural Lahore Biennale, its aim and mission to inspire and invigorate the artistic community in Pakistan and forge links internationally:


Lahore Biennale is an attempt to overlap with both a critical and a popular sensibility. Keeping the objectives of the LBF in mind, it engages the city in a productive and nuanced manner. At the same time, by challenging the parameters of art, it is kick-starting a much-needed conversation in the art landscape of the region and beyond.

Lahore, with its culturally rich past and a historically strong art academia has played a significant role in the International phenomenon of “Contemporary Art from Pakistan” and the Public Arts projects that Lahore Biennale Foundation has organized in the last two years, provides a perfect platform at this point to host The Inaugural Lahore Biennale; an art event of unprecedented scale to ever take place in the history of subcontinent that would bring together internationally renowned artists, thinkers and practitioners from Visual Arts and other disciplines.

The unique vision of the artistic director, Rashid Rana (widely considered to be one of the most acclaimed and original artist working in South Asia today) as a direct response to the context under which it is taking place, is destined to be a very different proposition than any other international biennale worldwide. It aims to be an event that is locally relevant to the 10 million vibrant inhabitants of Lahore (200 million Pakistani citizens), and yet with an international outlook that contributes to the International art discourse by challenging conventional notions of, What is Art? and Who is an artist? Consequently, while it aims to actively question the role of art/artist and art practice, it serves to connect not only the local with the international, but also previously disconnected disciplines like the humanities and sciences with the arts. The context of regions such as sub-continent, with its non-linear sense of time, invites for an artistic vision that can connect past with the future. The curatorial vision aspires to connect the functionality of art (the role of creative expressions in human lives) in the past and connect with the discussion of the post-art in the future. In Rashid Rana’s words:

It is my desire that we create something, which generates ideas for the larger discourse in art world and yet remains relevant to a large number of audiences from Lahore. Therefore, I am working on an idea that goes beyond “Public Art”; the city serves not just as a site but also as the medium. The aim is to create a biennale ‘without walls’ in every sense of the word to challenge the parameters of both the pre-existing biennale formats and the discipline of art itself.

I promise it to be a very different kind of a biennale not simply for the sake of being different but because by being true to the contexts under which it takes place, it’s bound to be different; Lahore at present has a complex identity which the world has a very limited view of it. Its non-linear sense of time and peculiar circumstances enable multiple contexts, providing a fertile environment that has produced many creative individuals who have made their mark felt across the world. Lahore deserves to have an art/cultural event carrying the ambition and scale, that of a biennale.

Rashid Rana, Curator’s Statement


To achieve this The Lahore Biennale 2017 will explore the intersection of art and its social context through new commissions from some of the world’s most engaging artists, both established and emerging. We look forward for you to join hands with us to realize this international venture.