Open Call: Trans’ Art International AIR Program Chengdu, China

Spend Time Making art in China at Trans’Art

01.01.2019   - 31.12.2019

SomoS suggest the Trans’ Art Residency Program to artist who would like to spend time making art in China.

Trans’ Art International is an artist residency based in Chengdu, China, founded in Paris, France in 2008. The residency is based in Chengdu, a city which holds a strong traditional and contemporary art culture, including Bashu culture elements. The 2019 program focuses on Chengdu and Bashu culture while simultaneously promoting contemporary approaches to diversify and exemplify growth between Chengdu’s relationship with surrounding regions.

Facilities of the Trans' Art China artist residency.

Trans’ Art International seeks applicants who plan to utilize traditional elements, whether that be stories, patterns, concepts, or events, in their artistic projects. The residency has a minimum of 7 days*. All disciplines are welcome to apply: artists, curators, designers, art students, or craftsmen from anywhere around the world. Residents are provided with a studio with basic materials (other materials can be financed depending on the project and artist budget). Bedrooms are provided in the residency, either private or shared spaces are available, in addition to a full meal plan. Artists will have the opportunity to display their projects in the final group exhibition, which will be promoted by the program in both Chinese and English. Additionally, there are further opportunities during the residency such as artist lectures, workshops, academic discussions, and artwork sales.* In regard to pricing of the residency program, residents exchange on a weekly basis a piece of their artwork to the program as a form of payment.

A residency which focuses on inclusivity while blending traditional and contemporary values, artists are free to bring new energies and creativity, adding value to the art culture in Chengdu.

*Depending on the project

To learn how to apply and for more information visit.