Open Call – Un_Real Desires

Curatorial Project at SomoS Arts Berlin

from: 22.09.2019 6pm

For the upcoming Un_Real Desires group exhibition taking place October 23-27th 2019 at SomoS Art House in Berlin (coinciding with the Berlin Pornfilm Festival), the SomoS curatorial team is calling for submissions for performative projects, ephemeral installations, durational art pieces and other art forms.

Deadline: September 22nd, 2019, 18:00h
Application fee: None
Eligibility: international artists working in any medium


In times where the borders between the physical and the virtual are becoming increasingly blurred, the group show Un_Real explores the effects of the imbrication of technology, desire and erotica.

How to interpret the paradox of contemporary erotica moving towards desire without bodies? Filters, skins, fakes, the (self) representation of the eroticized body moves further and further away from reality. The Un_Real exhibition traces the implications. Does it matter, and do we care?

Topics and questions may include:

• The growing influence of technology on the way that erotica is consumed and produced.
• The disembodiment of the erotic.
• What are the psychological, ethical, aesthetic other effects?
• Does it matter if what you desire is real or not?
• And how “real” are your desires anyway, being maybe just as much a product of nurture as of nature?
• What happens to the portrayal of the quirky and in-between, if everything can be made to look perfect? And how do we consequently view our less than perfect selves?

Responses may be personal, theoretical, philosophical, societal; they may build on actual phenomena, or imagine transformations and build worlds of their own.

Both existing works as well as new works are eligible for participation.

Submissions to the exhibition should include detailed description of the artwork or project. We will look at any proposal with great interest and an open mind, but are especially eager to include installation based pieces, works that are durational, participative and/or interactive, for example, performances, and other works that take shape over time, works that are built in situ before or during the exhibition, works that create their own environment or that involve building an environment that is the backdrop to a performance.

Selected artists/performers will be invited to participate in an exhibition at SomoS Art House in Berlin that will take place from 22.–27.10.2019, coinciding with the 14th Pornfilm Festival Berlin.

To gain an impression, please view previous editions of this exhibition series: The Beholder, Un_Becoming.


The exhibition is not subsidized by third parties, and is an artist-run initiative, therefore financial support is limited. SomoS can be responsible for installing works, or shall assist in installing, and can help in the creation of new work in the exhibition space according to the artist’s concept. In the Berlin area, the organizers can assist with, or arrange transportation. SomoS can offer lodging to a limited amount of artists/performers preparing work before or during the exhibition. SomoS is unfortunately not able to cover any travel expenses. All proceeds from the donation-based entry will go to the artists.
A range of digital and analog tools are available. (Video/slide/overhead projectors, digital and vintage monitor, media players.)


DEADLINE: September 22nd, 2019, 18:00h

Please fill in the submission form (in English or German) and provide a detailed plan of the submitted contribution, plus an artist portfolio.

Alternatively, the submission information and files can be sent directly to

After carefully reviewing all of the submissions, we will contact applicants and selected participants in a timely manner.

Looking forward to your submissions!

DISCLAIMER: We are not Berlin Pornfilm Festival, we are an independent artist-run art space that is organizing an ongoing yearly exhibition series coinciding with the festival, and we are looking for artworks that respond to the mentioned themes. If you wish to submit your film to the festival itself for consideration for screening please visit

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