Open Studios Neukölln 2019

SomoS Open Studios Black Jaguar & Jan Verbruggen

16.11.2019   - 17.11.2019

Since 2016, the Art Spaces Neukölln initiative has worked diligently to secure Neukölln’s place in Berlin’s burgeoning art scene. Neukölln stands out from the crowd through the neighborhood’s strong community ties, dedication to experimenting and producing innovative, compelling works with international artists, and straying away from commercial content. Around 40 art spaces are home to various types of art ranging from traditional art forms, media art, sound art to performance art.

Art Spaces NK already holds guided tours among the art spaces with the possibility to speak to gallery directors and artists. Now, Neukölln Art Spaces presents the Open Studios Neukölln 2019 from Saturday, 16 November (14h-20h) until Sunday, 17 November (14h-18h). The Open Studios aim to reinforce the special bond between artist and viewer while offering insight into the artists’ creative process and a chance to see where their ideas come to life. This weekend there will be open studios dispersed throughout Neukölln with 53 different program points in 38 art spaces.

SomoS will take part in the Open Studios Neukölln 2019 weekend with two of our Artists-In-Residence; South Korean multidisciplinary artist, Black Jaguar and Belgian visual artist, Jan Verbruggen inviting the public to visit their studios and learn about their work from the artists personally.

Black Jaguar

Samdae, drawing by Black Jaguar
Take a dive into the world of Korean artist Black Jaguar, who came to Berlin with the support of the Arts Council Korea (ARKO). Jaguar works on portraits, drawings, videos, installations, and fashion, all related to exploring the Korean female experience and reclaiming misogynistic female stereotypes from Korean myths and pop-culture into bold, empowered feminist symbols.
More information on Black Jaguar

Jan Verbruggen

An abstracted painting depicting a figure and 50s style red rocket, by Jan Verbruggen on a baroque wallpaper, its earthy tones very similar
Belgian visual artist, Jan Verbruggen‘s studio will lure you onto alternate, surreal realities through his paintings, drawings, and installations.
Supported by a grant from the Flemish Government, Verbruggen is taking a sabbatical from his academic position teaching Painting and Drawing at the Rijks Hoger Onderwijs voor Kunst RHoK Academie Brussels, preparing and presenting a new body of work in Berlin. In his art, Verbruggen seeks to represent the world through maps and blur the distinction between the real and the imaginary.
More information on Jan Verbruggen

This initiative is organized by the association WerkStadt e.V. The Initiation of Open Studios Neukölln 2019 is supported by the Fachbereich Kultur / Dezentrale Kulturarbeit (Department of Culture / Decentralized Cultural Work).

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While you’re at SomoS, don’t forget to visit the group exhibition “Empathetic Tribunal”- Empathische Tribunale – Finissage am 16. November 19:00 Uhr. Artists from the group “Die Kette” (The Chain”) showcase a variety of art all drawing upon sub-, club-, and pop culture.