Panel Discussion: Rethinking Retail

Wissenschaftsjahr 2015 / Zukunftsstadt

11.01.2016 7pm  - 9pm

January 11th SomoS hosted “Rethinking Retail,” a panel discussion by the initiative “Gute Geschäfte machen” as part of the “Wissenschaftsjahr 2015 / Zukunftsstadt” supported by the German Bundesministerium für Bilding & Forschung. It discussed the changing ways of retailing and its political, social and ethical implications.

The project’s team Prof. Dr. Ingrid Breckner, Stefan Kreutz, Thomas Böhm, Carsten Sommerfeldt; guests Dennis Boehres, (director/co-founder Go-PopUp) and publicist Andre Wilkens („Analog ist das neue Bio“) as well as the audience enjoyed an insightful and interesting discussion.