My Paper Sunglasses Workshop

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Workshop during the fifth installment of the My Paper Sunglasses exhibition.
With curator Otavio Santiago and Lotta D Heureuse. Free entry.

During the opening hours of the My Paper Sunglasses exhibition, from August 7 – August 21st, 2014 (Tues-Sat 2-7pm) the visitors took the opportunity to make their own paper sunglasses artworks, assisted by participating artist Lotta D Heureuse and the show’s curator Otavio Santiago.

The workshop was a planned integral part of the exhibition. It’s aim was to blur the line between artist and audience, and between art, portraiture and fashion.

Otavio Santiago and the many participants themselves made and shared portraits of the resulting artworks and their creators. These photographs became a viral online extension of the show.