Paul Piccione

Australian Multidisciplinary Artist

21.10.2019   - 27.10.2019

Paul Piccione is an emerging multidisciplinary artist, largely influenced by psychology, whose work focuses on issues facing the Australian Queer community such as the body and gender politics, historical trauma, hegemonic masculinity and queer empowerment. Growing up Queer in remote Australia and the sublimation of sex and sexuality is another constant theme that informs Piccione’s practice.

The installation Offload, featured in SomoS’ annual exhibition Un_Real Desires in 2019, is reminiscent of a time when the quest to find sexual partners was conducted in real-life, and consisted of costume, dance and conversation. In stark contrast to current times where dating has been fast tracked to being solely about the body and conducted almost exclusively in online forums. Unfortunately, this accessibility of sex and its move to online platforms has also led to closure of Queer spaces. To combat this loss of real-life interaction the artists’ work consists of a discreet wooden box that invites curious participants inside. It is a narrow space like a toilet cubicle, lockable from the inside and allows admission for one person at a time. Behind a woven grill at eye level, that alludes to another space on the other side of the booth, the artist waits. It is then up to the participant to decide what direction the interaction will take. Is it a space for confession? Is it a space for sex? Each interaction is unique and entirely up to the viewer.

After completing a Bachelor of Psychology, Piccione went on to study at the National Art School in Sydney, subsequently creating work that is largely informed by these studies, particularly by Social Psychology and Attachment Theories. Since leaving Australia and moving to Berlin the artist strives to make art that is grounded in rich Queer history and rejoices the oppressed.

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