Pedro Bustamante



Pedro Bustamante (PHD candidate, Superior Technical School of Architecture, Madrid) is of Spanish origin and currently lives and works in Berlin.

Pedro Bustamante deals with social and philosophical issues from a trans-disciplinary approach, situated somewhere between research, art and activism; producing images, videos, installations, and theory, which have appeared in various publications and conferences. His aim is to “critically show the religious dimension of late capitalism and suggest alternative realities.”

2014 Bustamante held a video-supported lecture, Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion, presenting his interconnected collage work and critical philosophy as part of SomoS’ Unclean project.

The theme “Uncleanliness” is of great interest to Pedro Bustamante, he thinks that it needs to be inscribed in the broader phenomenon of the sacrifices or the “scapegoat mechanism” as René Girard put it.