Pedro Ferreira

media artist

23.10.2017   - 29.10.2017

Pedro Ferreira, born in Portugal in 1988, is a Berlin-based media artist. He works primarily with experimental and documentary film, video installation and performance. In his work, he explores found footage concepts to reconsider technologies and their failures and expose media materiality. His personal documentary work examines contemporary social issues in an attempt to comprehend the world from a micro-point of view. Markedly hybrid in both form of creation and presentation, his works often mutate to fit screenings, video installations and performances, as well as collaborations with musicians and other artists.

Ferreira has presented his work internationally in festivals, galleries, museums and alternative spaces. Most recently, his works were shown at L’Alternativa in Barcelona, Porto/Post/Doc in Porto, Werkleitz Festival in Halle, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and the Goethe-Institut Toronto (among others). His works are distributed through Video Out, part of VIVO Media Arts Centre.

During The Beholder exhibition, between October 24-29 2017, SomoS presents Pedro Ferreira’s film “EROSION” as part of an installation/performance he conceived for this group show.

15 min. Super8 live cinema performance, 2017

“The obscenity itself burns and consumes its object.” – Jean Baudrillard

Erotic, arousing, vision, illusion, destruction. The filmstrip as naked skin is aroused by touch. A blast of colorful visual stimulation subverts the viewer’s voyeuristic expectations and desires. The woman’s fetishized representation is destroyed, to evoke a playful take on the production, proliferation and consumption of pornographic moving images. Decayed images confront the viewer, distort and erase what has been made explicit to be seen. The film suggests to consider the nature of moving images. It gives a tactile sensorial impression through different manipulations on the filmstrip such as scratches and punctures; ephemeral graphic shapes delineate the close view of the actress’s naked body. The pictorial representation blends conflicting photographic and painterly imagery and disrupts the film materiality, while the lo-fi and obsolete quality of the image creates a contrast with the hi-tech and sharp realistic images and other virtual representations the mainstream porn industry produces. Erosion is a critical take on the manufacturing and consumption of pornographic images mediated through a diverse range of media – media and devices that will be discarded by tomorrow.

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