Pedro Moreira


23.10.2018   - 03.11.2018

The creative work of Un_Becoming participant Pedro Moreira centers around questions of the meaning of the words “reality” and “virtual reality”, and how the ways in which it is presently consumed increasingly blur the lines between virtual and “real” space and identity. This is usually attached to queer identity, and expression of the body and natural landscapes as canvases for virtual consumption.

Aside from these concepts, Moreira’s background in a Mormon upbringing encourages a juxtaposition of these notions of “virtual existentialism,” or the acknowledgement of one’s own “existence” in a virtual / imaginary environment, with theological and scientific theories.

Moreira’s recent work has had a strong focus on the virtual architectures of gaming and social media as a generative experience and a medium. As such, interaction is a central part of his practice, and his work ends up taking the shape of performances, workshops, videos, or installations, usually through the filter of technology. It’s their aim and ambition to use technology in a way that can start a discussion about technology and the consumption of all virtual realities, proposing a new ways to look at these tools which we have come to use so commonly, perhaps even to the point that they have become an integral part of our identity, and re-defined what it means to be human.

At SomoS, Moreira currently takes part in a mini artist residency, while performing daily in the Un_Becoming group exhibition, with the work “Significant: Other – Hello, I Know That You’ve Been Feeling Tired.”