Pei-Chi Wu

Taiwanese Multidisciplinary Artist

21.10.2019   - 27.10.2019

Taiwanese artist Pei-Chi Wu is a participant in SomoS’ group exhibition, Un_Real Desires. Working within the mediums of text, installation, moving-image and performance, her work deals with issues of obscured identity. Speaking of her move to London, the artist relates to the feeling of losing her identity and moving to a country where her native language isn’t understood,

I live in an English speaking country now and I feel if I don’t make any sound, I won’t be seen, and no one will know I am here. I want to tell my story to them, but as I said, it’s complicated; I can’t explain myself because English is not my mother tongue. However it’s worth trying, and to see if I drown or disappear in this ocean.

Pei-Chi Wu


Wu’s durational live painting performance It’s a Long Story takes us into a more philosophical and poetic consideration of subjectivity, temporality and alternative narratives. In her performance, the artist quotes a text from the German novel The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, often mentioned when discussing the genealogy of “alternative truths,” in which a baron tells his alluring adventures to people, always balancing on a tightrope between unreality and reality. It’s a Long Story suggests that, however improbable, most people would still choose to believe unreal narratives over real ones, speculation over fact, as the overload of media has destroyed a sense of a shared public reality. Pei-Chi paints a mural that after reaching completion over the course of several days, is slowly deconstructed again, leaving only traces on a blank wall and video as proof of an artwork that momentarily existed. Incorporating her own hair in her installation, one of the more persistent proofs of a humans existence, the artist interweaves notions of obscured identity under threat of being homogenized.

Pei-Chi Wu lives, works and studies between Taiwan and London. Currently she is undertaking an MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London and has completed an MA in Fine Art from Tunghai University in Taiwan. She has an extensive history of solo exhibitions throughout Taiwan and has participated in a number of group shows in London and Berlin.

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Exhibition image courtesy Kimyia Nik