Marguerite Harris: The Perpetual Conversation of Movement & Light

Visual artist, experimental filmmaker and writer

01.08.2017   - 15.09.2017

SomoS welcomes back U.S. American visual artist, experimental filmmaker and writer Marguerite Harris for a short work/research Artist-in Residence. Two years after her impressive solo exhibition Film is Un/Dead and Cameraless Film and Experimental Sound workshop, Marguerite joins us again, this time to weld a kinetic light sculpture for use in her installations.

Marguerite Harris
Marguerite Harris installing her work at SomoS, 2016

“The perpetual conversation of movement and light,” is how Marguerite Harris’ work was described in the eminently readable exhibition essay accompanying her first Berlin solo show.

Harris work incorporates elements of collage, analog film, video-art, installation and New Media; merging older or outmoded techniques such as film and video signals with newer editing and computer graphing techniques, creating hybrid works.

Graduated from the Indiana University Bloomington and the holder of a MFA in New Media, Harris has written and published various essays on Film/Video/Numeric Computer Art & Immersive Environments. Her scholarly publications are now referenced in the area of Contemporary Cinema Art and New Media Theories. Currently based in Paris, she mostly exhibits her installations across the United States, in France and in Berlin.

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