Phantomatic / Nowhere to Be Seen – Pauline Alioua

Photography Solo Exhibition

09.04.2016   - 23.04.2016

Phantomatic- Nowhere to be Seen is an exhibition of photographs featuring the work of SomoS Fall 2015 artist-in-residence Pauline Alioua. The portfolio of 44 b&w photographs traces the melancholic trajectory between loss and new beginnings.

During her residency at SomoS, Pauline Alioua finished and prepared her latest series of photographs influenced by her individual perspective on humanity as well as her external, earthly views. The series of black and white landscape photography was recorded on different journeys over a long period of time and captures heartfelt responses to fleeting situations and events. The photographs share an elegant and sincere interpretation of an elegiac attitude to her own experience.

Not only do her crafts and techniques, and especially Alioua’s use of analog production methods, enrich her pictures in a poetic and atmospheric way, but also her personal and emotional references grant an evocative mood which invites people to rethink their own destinations and goals, reality and illusion, and freedoms and limitations.

In addition to the exhibited photographs, SomoS celebrates the release of Pauline Alioua’s accompanying photographic book project which includes the entire series of more than 40 photographs with an introduction by Stanley Woodward.

Pauline Alioua – Phantomatic / Nowhere to Be Seen
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: Friday, the 8th of April 2016, 6 to 9 pm
Exhibition Duration: 09. – 23.04. 2016, Wed to Sat, 2 to 7 pm
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