Phntm Beach

Tropicana 404


Phntm Beach have been nurturing and developing their signature style since the collective was founded in 2013. Focusing on symbols of tropical cultures such as tropical fruits or palm trees, the collective warps and distorts our expected responses to these objects. They play with the ideas surrounding our fantasies of paradise to activate an unusually suspenseful and gothic component of tropicalia.

Artist Statement:

“PHNTM BEACH is a tropical artist collective based in Berlin, founded in 2013 and currently consists of Fatma Morgan Ata, Peter Martin and Mira Jago. Within this scope they do not restrict themselves to a certain medium, but rather to a certain topic: the longing for a beach, a Dionysian tropical night, with all its colours, odours and tastes, its sweat and its passions, its illusions and consumptive excess – this beach is rotten to its very core, but is not ashamed of its decay. It is not really there, but its absence is soaked with its presence.

Ata studied experimental dance under the teaching of M. Thalassinou; as a performance artist she was part of the collective Wrong Is Right and is currently studying film (FU Berlin) where her main focus lies on the effects of alienation. Peter Martin did his Diploma in Graphic Design (UdK Berlin) and is a musician with Main Fear Love. Jago got a master in philosophy (FU Berlin), emphasizing her studies on pragmatist philosophy. She shares a firm belief in accessibility as an important criteria for the quality of texts, art works and people.”