Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Part of the Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk

04.05.2016   - 08.05.2016

As part of the 2016 Berlin Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk, Merijn Hos and Guillaume Kashima present their work at SomoS. “Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima” will allow for an indeep exploration of both artists work.

ALRIGHT – Guillaume Kashim

Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Starting as a graphic designer, Berlin-based French artist Guillaume Kashima moved to the fields of illustration and is now working within a wide range of media such as prints, apps or objects. His work is characterized by graphic color use and simplicity, as well as boldness and humor.
One of Kashimas preferred techniques is the risograph; a printing technique from the early 80’s situated between stencil and screen printing, where one color is printed at a time and a limited colour palette is used. He is also renowned for his iconic fabric head sculptures and his black and white illustrations. He is also renowned for his iconic fabric head sculptures and black and white illustrations, which will be part of the Pictoplasma Exhibition at SomoS too.

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I’M GHOST – Merijn Hos

Pictoplasma: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Merijn Hos is a visual artist, commercial illustrator and occasional art director based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He manages to combine commercial commissions for media clients like Google, Red Bull or Bose with joyful and quirky independent illustrative work, that distinguishes itself by an optimistic character and bold, colorful features.
Next to his work as illustrator, he is also an independent publisher and creates artistic projects, workshops and exhibitions, and is renowned for his Neocraft wooden sculptures and colorful graphics. Since 2006 Hos is also often invited to several talks, panels or presentations in which he is spreading his knowledge as lecturer and professional. In the frame of Pictoplasma Festival 2016; Merijn Hos will present his installation “I’m Ghost” (2011-2016).

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May 4-8, daily from noon until 8pm. Entry free.

More information: www.pictoplasma.com