Pierce Warnecke



Pierce Warnecke was born in California in 1983. Before graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he worked for 10 years in France. The artist currently lives in Berlin where he completed his Meisterschüler studies at Universität der Künste (Kunst und Medien – with Dr Alberto de Campo) in 2013. As a media artist, Warnecke’s focus is on aural and visual media and the many types of relationships between them.

In addition to his solo performances and installations, Warnecke collaborates with Matthew Biederman and Frank Bretschneider, as well as co-curating the Emitter Micro Festival and Label.

Artist Statement:
“My work stems from interest in the effects of time on matter: modification, deterioration and disappearance. Whether the focus is on digital forms or rough materials, large scales of time or microscopic details, the goal of my work is to re-adapt existing objects and materials into parallel contexts where their signified meanings, symbols and cultural connections have become residual ghosts. I like to imagine false paradigms, inexistent branches of research and fictional sciences in order to create unrealistic questionings as a basis for a new work. Form emerges through a process of collecting, filtering and combining phenomena (objects, data, sounds, images) that is linked to the conjecture. There are explorations and structures in this ‘research’ but no conclusions, except the ones you make.”

At SomoS, Pierce Warnecke presented his installation “A Scanner Darkly” (found objects. machine, single channel video, stereo sound) as part of the 2013 >1000hertz group show also featuring Andre Hostalacio “Wakko”, Yair Elazar Glotman and Tommi Koskinen.

Warnecke has presented his works at Club Transmediale (Berlin), KW Institut (Berlin), ORF Muskiprotokoll,, Semibreve Festival, CTM Festival, Zero1 Biennale, MADEiRADiG Festival, Transmediale, Bozart/BEAF (Brussels), LEAP (Berlin), Harvestworks (NY), Luggage Store Gallery (SF), Berklee College of Music (Boston), CalArts (LA), Boston Cyberarts, Mirage Festival, Vidéoformes, SXSW Interactive and more.
Warnecke’s musical compositions have been released on Khalija, Staaltape, Gaffer, Attenuation Circuit and Gruenrekorder.