Berlin Pornfilmfestival Exhibition, Workshops

22.10.2014 7pm  - 06.11.2014 7pm

In 2014 SomoS again produces an Erotic Art Week in conjunction with the Berlin PornFilmFestival exploring representations of sexuality in art and media.

Pornceptual Does SomoS

For the Pornceptual Does SomoS exhibition SomoS invited Art/Porn agitators Pornceptual for a show that explores diverse representations of sexuality in artwork that intersects with pornography.

The Pornceptual team develops art projects and environments that seek to decontextualize pornography from the usual conventions and reinterpret arousal. Pornceptual also maintains an online platform for people to express sexuality in creative ways.

The Pornceptual Does SomoS show was developed by Pornceptual and SomoS as an opportunity to make their online efforts material. The participating artists will be featured in their online gallery as well as exhibiting at SomoS Art House.
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Participating Artists:
Chris Phillips
Daphne Greca
Ash Conrad
Mischa Badasyan
Murat Onen
Carol Stiler
Boris Benjamin Fauser
Eric Phillips & Edward Green
Francesco Cascavilla & Okiani Mikell
Domenico Barra
Irina Koscheleva & Sonia Johanna Erb

Opening: October 22, 7pm
Duration: October 23 – November 6, 2014
Hours: 2 til 7 pm from Tue – Sat

SomoS will also host the official workshop program organized by the PornFilmFestival (which takes place opposite SomoS Gallery at Moviemento Cinema). The Berlin PornFilmFestival is a festival for innovative erotic cinema created 2006 by filmmaker Jürgen Bruenning. Its aim is to reinterpret the format in artistic, philosophical and socially relevant ways.
Workshop details can be found at our Workshops page.

Graphic Design by Otavio Santiago